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    Hugh Jackman Looking up to heaven

    Hugh Jackman, Meet Jesus

    Hugh Jackman is leaving the X-Men but taking the Road to Damascus. Next year he will star in a new movie on the life of the Apostle Paul. (So if you like Marvel comics and the Bible, you’re in for a treat.) The movie will be among the most high-profile Hollywood Christian production since Mel Gibson’s […]

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    On Seeing Vegans Through Judgmental Eyes

    As a meat-eater, the easiest people for me to judge are the non-meat eaters. Because vegans are wrong… right?  You see, the other day I heard a friend tell another friend that they would not attend a friend event because other friends there would be eating meat. And oh my, my, my… for some unexplained reason, I […]

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    Dear Christians, Jesus Was A Refugee

    Dear Christians, Did you know that Jesus was a refugee? His parents escaped the brutality of Herod and lived in Egypt for years. Yes. As a middle eastern refugee family. Sincerely, The Bible The letter above was written for me. This is not a conservative vs. liberal issue. This is not a Christian versus Muslim issue. This is […]

  • Carl Medearis

    Carl Medearis Interview

    Carl Medearis is one of those people who preaches more with his life than with his words. And those are the kind of people we want to pay attention when they are speaking. Carl is an international expert in the field of Arab-American and Muslim-Christian relations and acts as a catalyst for a number of current movements in […]

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    Words In The Bible

    Quantity Matters: The Top 30 Words In The Bible

    Rapture. Masturbation. Trinity. Revival.  These are just a few of the many words that are not found in the Bible. And if you disregard words that are articles, conjunctions, prepositions and such, the most common word is Lord.  Found on 6,782 instances between Genesis and Revelation. The next Top 30 are: GOD – 4293 MAN – 2747 ISRAEL […]

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