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    Hugh Jackman Looking up to heaven

    Hugh Jackman, Meet Jesus

    Hugh Jackman is leaving the X-Men but taking the Road to Damascus. His upcoming movie “Logan” will be his last as Wolverine. Next year he will star in a new film on the life of the Apostle Paul. (So if you like Marvel comics and the Bible, you’re in for a treat.) The movie will be among the […]

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    6 Must-Do’s While You Are Hurting

    You know the kind of pain I’m talking about? The piercing emotions you can actually (and physically) feel. The anger that boils, or the sadness that numbs or the rejection that feels like nausea? Yes, this is the unfortunate reality of living in a broken world. Emotional pain is unfair, yet we all go through it. You might be going through it right now. Heartbreak. Disappointment. […]

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    The Reverend Justin Bieber

    .@justinbieber breaking down on stage is all of us. This is overwhelming. So. Much. Love ❤️ #OneLoveManchester — Capital (@CapitalOfficial) June 4, 2017 Bieber just encouraged a massive crowd in Manchester saying, “God is good in the midst of the evil. And He loves you. He’s here for you.” I never thought I would be […]

  • Mike Morell Interview

    Mike Morell is masterful with words. He’s a deep thinker with an accessible heart. And I’m a huge fan of his writing, his teaching and his way of seeing the world. He’s also the Communications Director for the Integral Theology think-tank Presence International, co-founder of The Buzz Seminar, and a founding organizer of the Wild […]

  • Beating others with the stones of our judgments

    Turning Jesus Into A Stone Thrower

    “Religion, spirituality and theology tend to be destructive when they’re not drenched in humility and love.” Last year I gave myself permission to be a bit more critical in my writing. Slightly more defensive. A tad more… how do I put this?… self-righteously-jerkish. Somehow my heart believed the lie (again), “You are right on this one,” […]

  • Get Millions Of Blog Readers

    Three years ago my wife had a dream that something significant would happen on October 1st. She woke up, wrote down the date on her journal and went about her day. Months later she was going through her past writings and remembered the weight of that dream. As she read her own words and saw the […]

  • Chance The Rapper Jesus Loves

    There’s Peter, The Fisherman David, The King Matthew, The Tax Collector John, The Baptist And Chance, The Rapper. This brother is a modern day apostle. He’s breaking ground with sounds from above. His performance at the 2017 Grammys was quite possibly the most incredible (and necessary) worship experience in that stage. As Jesse Carey reported, “Hip-hop star […]

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