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My first gut reaction was “well that’s nothing new…” I was frankly kind of disappointed. BUT after watching it five more times on my big screen I got a little bit more of a feel for it. So it looks like what we’ve got so far is simply this. It’s 30 years after the battle of Endor and there is a faction(?) of the empire called the First order. (We don’t know if the empire has just been rebranded or if it’s a radicle sect of the empire) and apparently the feats of Luke Skywalker have faded into legend. Rey asks something to the effect “we’ve heard the stories” to which Han replies “their true, all of them, the dark side, the Jedi.”

So apparently we’ve gone from bad to worst! lol Luke didn’t take on a Padawan and has probably gone into hiding like Ben Kenobi and Yoda (they never learn). So here we are 30 years later with a Vader fanboy a.k.a “Kylo Ren” which is not his actual name. Ren is a title from the Knights of Ren. Which is not a sith group but obviously has dark side ties. So the dark side has been working overtime.. While little old Luke is meditating in a tree somewhere.. I personally have a hard time with that. But.. I will live. BUT WAIT! Finn, the disillusioned storm trooper gone rebel is wielding Anikan’s old saber which Luke lost on Bespin along with his hand. So is Finn a Jedi? Seems pretty quick to go from storm trooper who can’t hit the broad side of a barn (nerds are tracking with that one) goes to battling Kylo in a lightsaber duel.

I need some context I guess.. Is Luke training Finn. Is Finn just holding onto it for Luke and happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time?

I don’t know.

BUT! I know that JJ intentionally pissed me off by not giving anything away that was that important. I had my heart set on a “HOLY CRAP I did not see that coming and I’m so excited” moment, but was left with “well I would’ve predicted that, and I did.” Feeling.

Plot line aside. I was a little troubled by the polished non gritty effects. Looked kind of prequels but I’ll reserve further judgement. All I know is JJ has been ranting about practical effects so JJ you better deliver homey.

In closing.. Star Wars is my baby. As a kid, Star Wars was my life. When it snowed I brandished my Han Solo blaster replica and went outside to battle snow troopers on the planet Hoth. Star Wars is more than a movie to me. It brings me back to feeling like a kid. Feelings of being caught up in the wonder of imagination and endless galaxies filled with adventure.

So don’t screw this up JJ. Or you will be forever dubbed Jar Jar Abrams.

May the force be with us all,

– Max


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