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Dear Revival,

Where the freak are you? 

We keep doing conferences to try and lure you back. We keep sending emails about the coming wave/move/shaking/movement to try and get people excited.

We pray. We wait. We pretend.

Are you offended with us or something? Did you not like what we did last time you visited?

Preachers and itinerants and those who claim to be prophetic have been saying that you’re coming back. And by now, it’s been prophesied in every town in America that they are the chosen town where you’re next stopping.

I don’t know what’s up.

I do hear you’ve been touring China recently, which is kinda of cool. I guess they need you over there more than we need you.

In the past you came in random places and reminded us of how things used to be. You know, book of Acts type of church. Lots of Holy Spirit, salvations, healing, interesting stuff… not much hype, mostly God.

That’s when you used to go viral.

Then we gave you all these names: Awakening, Normal Christianity, Renewal, Strange Fire etc. Different churches treated you differently. Different denominations responded to you differently.

Now, we try to make you viral… or we fully shut you down.

So you seem to be everywhere, and at the same time you seem to be nowhere.

We have the cool lights, the multimedia and trendy speakers waiting for you. And if you come we promise to play nice.

Hundreds of books have been written about what you have done in the past and others about the keys to get you back.

However, some people are saying that we don’t need you… that we just need to be you. This one guy called Todd White said the other day, “Stop praying for an open heaven, just be one.”

I want to believe that with all of my heart. But it still feels like we’re missing something.

We have gotten good at the preaching and the teaching and the selling but there’s gotta be something else. Something more authentic, kind of raw, maybe even uncontrollable.

So think about it please. I know we sound like we have it all together, but we don’t.

We need you Revival. Because if you don’t show your face anymore, we’ll be forced to go with this “be the revival” deal.

And maybe that was God’s plan all along.



The Church