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It’s hard to find an actor as likable as Chris Pratt. And these pasty 3 years, he has become the top draw in Hollywood. From the leading voice in The Lego Movie, to the starting role in Guardians of the Galaxy, the dude is taking over a screen near you. His movie Jurassic World was dominating the box office and his faith in Jesus is as strong as ever.

Evidence by his speech (sermon extraordinaire) last month at the MTV awards.

* Watch the video above.

And last night, as Relevant Magazine reported, “Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard won the Teen Choice Award for Best Summer Actress and Actor, and Pratt once again used his platform to talk about his faith. Before introducing his Jurassic World co-star, who left a video message for the fans, Pratt said, I want to thank God. I always do that when I’m up on a platform in front of a bunch of young faces. I say, ‘I love God.’ That’s my thing, I love him! And you should too!'”

Seems like Star Lord doesn’t want to stop sharing about The Lord. 

Last year, Chris discussed a scare that he had when their newborn son was born nine weeks prematurely and spent the first month of his life in an intensive care unit.

“We were scared for a long time. We prayed a lot,” Pratt explained. “It restored my faith in God, not that it needed to be restored, but it really redefined it. The baby was so beautiful to us, and I look back at the photos of him and it must have been jarring for other people to come in and see him, but to us he was so beautiful and perfect.”

Even though doctors said their son, Jack, would live with disabilities due to the premature birth, God healed him in the NICU.

“Our greatest fear should not be of failure but of succeeding at things in life that don’t matter.”

+ The quote is from an incredible book by Francis Chan, Crazy Love: Overwhelmed by a Relentless God.

I usually write articles because of controversy. I love to challenge the church to act and react with love and mercy. Whether it’s about How God made Bruce Jenner, The Biblical Views of Miley Cyrus or When God spoke to Katy Perry; with every blog post my desire is to take us slightly out of the box of religion and into the agenda of grace.

But today I write simply because I love Chris Pratt. Loved him in Parks and Recreation. Loved him when he hosted SNL. And I love how he represents us happy believers to the world.


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He shared his “born again” story with Esquire magazine… and it’s a good one:

“In Maui, about four weeks before I was discovered to go to California, I was hanging with my buddy. I wasn’t quite old enough to drink, so we got somebody to go in and buy us some alcohol.

This guy came by and was like, ‘What are you doing tonight?’ I was like, ‘Oh, I dunno. I was just gonna wait out here, my friends are gonna buy me a bottle of Carlo Rossi and a sixer of Milwaukee’s Best Ice.

So he’s like, ‘Will you fornicate tonight?’ I was like, ‘I hope so.’

‘And drugs and drinking?’ It’s like, ‘Most likely, yeah. Probably all three of those things. I mean, at least two of them, possibly all three.’

The guy was like, ‘I stopped because Jesus told me to stop and talk to you. He said to tell you you’re destined for great things.’

My friends came out, and I was like, ‘Hey, I’m gonna go with this guy.’

I gave my soul to Jesus within, like, two days. I was stuffing envelopes for his organization, Jews for Jesus. I’m not even sure, at that age—I was nineteen years old—I knew what Jewish was.”

A few days later, sober and filled with Christian Jew for Jesus vigor, Pratt returned to the beach. He ran into a friend, a pastor’s daughter who was smoking meth and “whoring around,” and told her what he’d been up to. She asked him to get her to church, he called his new sponsor on a pay phone, and she became a Youth with a Mission pastor.

“I feel a little bit like my entire purpose was to get her.”

Chris says he sees how if a different man had approached him, things could have gone badly. But it was this man who was sent by God to save Pratt from jug wine, and then saved that woman from drug addiction.

A month later, while he was waiting tables at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., a director told him he was special and he moved to California to star in the 2000 horror comedy Cursed Part III.

Yes, that movie was a horrible start, but because of faith, hard work and good attitudes, this is now Chris Pratt’s mission, “I have my eyes on the prize. The big picture is my wife and my son and I living somewhere other than L.A., just being able to be a Boy Scout leader, drink beer on Saturday, go to church on Sunday, having fun. I could coach him in football. That’s the goal, and I need to do as many big movies as I can while there’s still time. Because you never know what’s next.” 

Work hard. Play harder. Prioritize family. Go to church.

Good plan. 

And maybe add the sharing Jesus with the drunk kid at the beach or sharing your testimony with the broken pastor’s daughter. You might be saving them from the stupidity of sin while loving them into the great destiny of God for their lives.

“Do all the good you can. By all the means you can. In all the ways you can. In all the places you can. At all the times you can. To all the people you can. As long as ever you can.” -John Wesley


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