Category: Dear Church

A call to action, love, change, revolution. An invitation for the church of Jesus to be the church of Jesus. Dear Church, it’s time for change.

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  • Dear Christians, Jesus Was A Refugee

    Dear Christians, Did you know that Jesus was a refugee? His parents escaped the brutality of Herod and lived in Egypt for years. Yes. As a middle eastern refugee family. Sincerely, The Bible The letter above was written for me. And FYI, this is not a conservative vs. liberal issue. This is not a Christian versus Muslim issue. […]

  • Being Properly Pro-Life

    It would be the greatest “problem” in our nation’s history! All 699,202 unwanted babies, alive not aborted, and ready to be loved. That’s how many abortions were performed in America in 2015. Dear Church, are you ready to take them in? This election cycle has once again highlighted the important conversation between pro-life and pro-choice. But this […]

  • The Real American Idol

    I’m the girl in my marriage (I use this inappropriate generalisation because my wife says I’m the girl in our marriage). It’s me who loves to shop. I’m the one who likes dressing up, impressing people with gifts, and wrapping lots of presents to surround the tree (and then posting the pictures on Instagram so people […]

  • Christianity and Islamophobia

    Dear Church, Islamophobia Is Anti-Christ

    Six years ago I stood inside a church in a Muslim nation and shouted at the top of my lungs, “Allahu Akbar!” I said it because I wanted to be relevant to my raised-in-a-muslim-culture audience, so I used this specific Arabic term which I had heard on TV. And it was one of the dumbest thing I […]

  • Jesus’ Email Hack Details His Omniscient Thoughts For November 9th 2016

    Nov. 9th 2016 To: The Church In America Cc: All my followers Subject: Oh Happy Day From: Jesus Christ – [email protected] Dear Church, Welcome to November 9th! This is the day that I have made! You can rejoice and be glad in it 🙂 Whether you’re happy or sad about last night’s results… know this: […]

  • How To NOT Celebrate Halloween

    I’ll keep it short and sweet (like a crappy candy treat). I don’t celebrate Halloween. My wife doesn’t celebrate Halloween. In turn, our kids don’t celebrate Halloween. But if I judge the people who do, then I would be the one who’s truly celebrating death. The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it […]

  • Donald Trump And Being “Ok” With The Rape Culture

    Jesus was tempted in every way. Every way.  As a young, single, rugged-looking, sought-after speaker, Jesus was faced with thousands of women who approached him. For healing, for attention, for worship. Some of them were beautiful. Some desperate. Others, interesting and engaging. And even one (who was known for her sexual sins) showered him with oil… […]

  • Quantity Matters: The Top 30 Words In The Bible

    Rapture. Masturbation. Trinity. Revival.  These are just a few of the many words that are not found in the Bible. And if you disregard words that are articles, conjunctions, prepositions and such, the most common word is Lord.  Found on 6,782 instances between Genesis and Revelation. The next Top 30 are: GOD – 4293 MAN – 2747 ISRAEL […]