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Thoughts on the Upward Journey. Understanding that religion is absurd, Jesus is incredible and we can discover the difference. In faith, together.

  • Chance The Rapper Jesus Loves

    There’s Peter, The Fisherman David, The King Matthew, The Tax Collector John, The Baptist And Chance, The Rapper. This brother is a modern day apostle. He’s breaking ground with sounds from above. His performance at the 2017 Grammys was quite possibly the most incredible (and necessary) worship experience in that stage. As Jesse Carey reported, “Hip-hop star […]

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  • The Christian Faith (And Pain) Of Brad Pitt

    We must be active conduits of grace and love instead of consumers of the pain of others. Brad Pitt was raised in a Christian Southern Baptist home. In 2011 he was asked about his beliefs and responded by saying, “Many people find religion to be very inspiring… Myself, I found it very stifling. I grew up with Christianity and I remember […]

  • Dear Church, We Owe Syria

    “I wondered if there are other restless people asking the question with me: What if Jesus meant the stuff he said?” – Shane Claiborne Dear church, we owe Syria an encounter with the God of love and justice. It’s time to return the favor. You see, the transfiguration happened right there. It was on Mount Hermon where […]

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    The Day She Comes Home

    At the end of every visit, she would wrap her arms around my neck and say, “zemiru daddy”. Holding back the tears (again and again) I would comply to my daughter’s request and sing to her: “You are so beautiful to me  You are so beautiful to me Can’t you see You’re everything I hope for  […]

  • The Christ I Found In Palestine

    I stared out the window of my cab, soaking it all in. I’d spent the past few days in Bethlehem: the city of David, the birthplace of Christ, and today, the purgatory-like, “temporary” housing for thousands of Palestinian refugees, who long to go home. I think I knew going in that I would be deeply […]

  • How Jesus Christ Celebrates The International Women’s Day

    The woman who was caught in the act of adultery in John 8 was brought to be stoned… alone. We know it takes two to tango, but the religious men (experts in knowing and teaching the law) were breaking the law themselves. It was a barbaric expression of male chauvinism that “forgot” to follow the full extent of […]

  • The Thrill Of An Offense-Free Life

    Red car. Blue car. Used car. New car. What model will I choose? I scan my options on the lot and survey their traits. That one’s not reliable, but it sure does look like it would feel sensational to drive. That one is costly- can I afford it? That one. That one over there- I […]