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    Missing The Target

    A man without testicles was searching for God. He found Jesus through a young disciple. Then, he was immediately baptized. And he went home to change the world. I can’t help but think that Christ is looking for more Phillips; and for more stories like this. “Beautiful that one of the first converts to Christianity was both a black […]

  • Pope kissing refugees feet

    The Golden Rule Applies to Refugees

    “The first appearance of the Bible command to love your neighbor as yourself is in the specific context of showing compassion to refugees/immigrants.” Brian Zahnd, Beauty Will Save the World. Pope Francis is pleading with every religious community in Europe to take in refugee families fleeing from the war-torn Middle East; a direct request to assist with the region’s […]

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  • The Story of God with Morgan Freeman

    I know that 92% of the population of the United States considers the voice of Morgan Freeman to be the closest thing to the voice of God. National Geographic’s newest undertaking is in partnership with Revelations Entertainment and it’s called The Story of God. Lending heavenly narration skills to the series is Morgan Freeman. The […]

  • Selena Gomez looking up to God in worship

    Selena Gomez Worship On Stage With Hillsong

    Selena Gomez surprised worshippers at a Hillsong concert with a performance of her song “Nobody” at L.A.’s Belasco Theatre a few months ago. She joined Young & Free (the youth band from Sydney, Australia’s Hillsong Church) during their scheduled stop at the downtown concert venue while on their Youth Revival tour. Just before 9:00 p.m., Gomez was welcomed to the […]

  • Kendrick lamar thinking about Jesus

    Why Jesus Listens To Kendrick Lamar

    If you’re easily offended, please stop reading (and don’t listen to his masterful songs). There’s cursing. Sex. Violent stories. Tears. And other things that should be kept in secret. But that’s Kendrick Lamar for you. A sinner in transition. A powerful rapper who is loaded with raw talent, ridiculous work ethic and a desperate hunger for all things God. “Lord God, […]

  • Kanye West Smiles

    Kanye West Shares The Gospel, Again

    Happy Easter from Kanye West. On Resurrection morning the rapper shared the new track “Ultralight Prayer,” which is an extended version of Kirk Franklin’s part on The Life of Pablo’s “Ultralight Beams.” And millions of his fans listened to the Gospel (maybe for the very first time). Check it out:   Last month, for his second performance on Saturday Night […]

  • Finding God in the Super Bowl Half Time Show

    Believe in Love? Why The Church Should Join The Sound Of The Halftime Show

    It happens every time. A crowd sings together. They hold each other and smile. It ‘s loud and real. And I get serious goosebumps. Every. Time. Did you feel them at the halftime show? What do think that is? Maybe, it’s an invitation from heaven, to join our voices to something bigger than ourselves, a sound that is stronger than […]

  • Jamie Fox the christian hero

    When God Wrapped His Arms Around Jamie Foxx

    You know when you stay up at night and imagine yourself saving someones’ life? You picture yourself being heroic and brave and then being humble in front of the cameras. Well, Eric Bishop did that last night. You might know him as Jamie Foxx. The Oscar-wining-actor who was raised Baptist and participated in his church […]