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Great interviews with renown and upcoming leaders in arts, media and church leadership. Honest questions, honest answers.

  • Science Mike Interview

    Mike McHargue is a clever man who is just as comfortable with questions, as he is with answers. That’s why he’s such an interesting thinker and why the church needs his voice. He goes by “Science Mike” and he’s the co-hosts of The Liturgist, which is one of the most interesting (and illuminating) podcasts around. That’s […]

  • Carl Medearis Interview

    Carl Medearis is one of those people who preaches more with his life than with his words. And those are the kind of people we want to pay attention when they are speaking. Carl is an international expert in the field of Arab-American and Muslim-Christian relations and acts as a catalyst for a number of current movements in […]

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  • Jonathan Martin Interview

    I know he looks super serious on the picture above, but pastor Jonathan Martin is all hope and soul. And honestly, he is probably one of the greatest communicators alive today. No exaggeration here. He knows how to use prose and verbs. He knows how to explain the good news in a simple yet mysterious way. He pretends […]

  • Pastor Brian Zahnd Interview

    Brian Zahnd Interview

    He is officially the most quoted man in the history of It was (officially) necessary to reach out to one of our favorite pastors/authors/radicals alive, and ask a few questions. Brian is the pastor of Word of Life Church in St. Joseph, MO. He is also the author of Water To Wine, A Farewell To Mars, […]

  • Christine D'Clario being open and honest in her interview

    Christine D’Clario Interview

    10 years ago my wife and I met the most incredible singer we had ever heard. She lived in a wooden house in a small town in Puerto Rico. We would stay over for the weekends with her, her husband and their little dog Panda. Christine and Carlos are the precious couple who welcomed us with love, […]

  • Jaye Thomas Interview

    Jaye Thomas is the sort of guy you want to be friends with. He’s incredibly inviting, seriously talented and naturally cool looking. Jaye is also a singer, songwriter, and worship leader who has been a household name among the International House of Prayer (IHOPKC) community since moving to Kansas City in 2008. I recently made friends with […]

  • Andy Squyres Interview

    Oh Love Supreme. My favorite track on one of my favorite albums of 2015. It’s called Cherry Blossoms, and the voice, the lyrics and the heart come from Andy Squyres. He’s an extremely talented singer / song writer /worship leader who lives in North Carolina and was gracious enough to answer a few of our questions. Enjoy: 1. You’re […]

  • Interview With Producer Sven Heidinga

    1. How did you end up working on Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball? Long story short? I moved to Toronto in 99. I went to the School of Ministry (SOM) at Catch The Fire. I had gone to their youth conference, Freshwind, and the worship had changed my life – it wasn’t the teaching, it was the music. […]

  • Interview with Shawn Bolz

    “Fearless love looks like this: I don’t care what you think of me, there is a God in heaven who loves you so much that you won’t care who I am; by the time you meet Him.” -Shawn Bolz He’s super accurate in the prophetic. He’s a cool dude who (over) loves coffee. And he’s […]

  • Stephen Ninaber / Interview

    This guy is very good at his craft. I follow him on Instagram and I always love his shots. Always. He’s taken beautiful, dramatic and engaging pictures all over the world. So I chatted with him and got his perspective on photography, cheap friends and the role of faith in the work of capturing the […]