Category: Marriage

Happy Husband to a Happy Wife. I hope!

  • The Remedy For Awkward Family Get-Togethers

    The holidays are here. Thanksgiving dinner has arrived. The hatred starts today. Go ahead. Start your passive aggression. Get your heart ready for annoying questions. Your relatives are here. Let the Hunger Games begin! You know there is no stopping mama’s looks of disapproval, or dad’s awkward silence, or the sibling’s tease (which draws out the angry […]

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  • When Actual Dreams Come True

    I was sitting on a roller coaster. Where was I going? I didn’t know, but I’ve always loved speed and adventure so I knew I’d be going somewhere fun. Off it went, so fast, wind in my face, my hair flying behind me. Up, up, up it went and then… I was there! Where you ask? […]

  • Making Stress or Making Love?

    It wasn’t long into our marriage when my wife first brought up the idea of wanting to start a family. I was 22 years old and a junior in college at the time. My main goal at that point in my life was trying not to fail my engineering classes, not having babies.