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Stories, testimonies and invitations to healing in all relationships. For married couples and parents and everyone in a church family.

  • The Bored Again Christian

    If I get bored with the Bible, it’s usually because I’m not living it. If I get bored with prayer, it’s usually because I have nothing meaningful to pray for. If I get bored with church, it’s usually because I’ve turned into a critical spectator. Yes, when I get bored, I sin. It’s my biggest trigger. […]

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  • Man about to take blindfold off

    The Glory Of Self Awareness

    It’s possible, that the greatest most important thing you can do for your destiny today, is find out what you are not. A lot of Christian churches provide space for people who are not good at (singing, public speaking, greeting, counseling, leading) to do just that (singing, public speaking, greeting, counseling, leading). It’s a blessing and […]

  • The Deep Longing For Unfulfilled Dreams

    I love my life. Together with my husband and four precious poppets, I love wholeheartedly exploring a life of wholeness, making wonderful memories along the the way. It is our creative journey. It is our adventure. We are family. I am a passionate believer of living life from a place of truly knowing who you […]

  • Here’s 12 Quick Tips To Be A Happy Christian Single

    Your status is different from mine. Right now you are single. Maybe because you are too young for marriage, or too old for games or too smart for players. Good for you! But you could take advantage of singlehood and learn to love yourself good. Marriage and babies are a game changer. Simple things like sleeping, eating lunch and watching your favorite […]

  • When The Scale and Mirror Are The Worst Liars

    My wife struggled with bulimia for more than a decade. Every day, for 11 years, the mirror spoke unkind words to the woman I love. And, as the common story goes, she chose to believe and act in agreement with the lies concerning her God-created body. Catherine heard from someone else that she was not thin enough. The […]