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  • Tattoos That Tell The God-Story

    “Identity is just like a shield: when you have it you’re protected, if not you get killed”  Joshua Luke Smith I have a tattoo on my neck. I know, I know. I won’t get a proper job. It makes me look like a thug. I’ve disfigured myself! (Although at least it takes the attention away […]

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  • Pastor Brian Zahnd Interview

    Brian Zahnd Interview

    He is officially the most quoted man in the history of It was (officially) necessary to reach out to one of our favorite pastors/authors/radicals alive, and ask a few questions. Brian is the pastor of Word of Life Church in St. Joseph, MO. He is also the author of Water To Wine, A Farewell To Mars, […]

  • The Deep Longing For Unfulfilled Dreams

    I love my life. Together with my husband and four precious poppets, I love wholeheartedly exploring a life of wholeness, making wonderful memories along the the way. It is our creative journey. It is our adventure. We are family. I am a passionate believer of living life from a place of truly knowing who you […]

  • Mark and Sarah tillman worshipping God with all their hearts

    Dreaming Out Loud

    My husband and I have been at this thing for 5 years now (that’s as long as we’ve been married). “This thing” meaning, pursuing our dreams of singing our hearts out to the Father, through song and sound. We wrote songs out of the overflow of our lives. Each song is carefully crafted, painfully and […]

  • Christine D'Clario being open and honest in her interview

    Christine D’Clario Interview

    10 years ago my wife and I met the most incredible singer we had ever heard. She lived in a wooden house in a small town in Puerto Rico. We would stay over for the weekends with her, her husband and their little dog Panda. Christine and Carlos are the precious couple who welcomed us with love, […]

  • When Actual Dreams Come True

    I was sitting on a roller coaster. Where was I going? I didn’t know, but I’ve always loved speed and adventure so I knew I’d be going somewhere fun. Off it went, so fast, wind in my face, my hair flying behind me. Up, up, up it went and then… I was there! Where you ask? […]