Category: Weekly Devotional

  • Happy Devotion 5: Value Rest

    God never sleeps. He does not need a time out or vacation days. He never gets bored or anxious or hungry. Yet for some reason, He made the choice to rest. “And on the seventh day God finished his work that he had done, and he rested on the seventh day from all his work that […]

  • Happy Devotions 4: Radically Accepted

    I HAVE to tell you. And you REALLY need to listen: God the Father Loves You! He truly cares. He’s interested in your pain, your future, your dreams. You have made many mistakes (will probably make a few more). However, the Creator of the universe cares for you, as if you were the only one to care for. This […]

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  • Happy Devotion 3: Re-Focus

    Whatever has your attention will eventually get your affections. It’s for your own good to re-focus. To keep your eyes on Jesus. Thinking of things above. And renewing your mind, again. Because it’s human nature to look inwards. Analysing your thoughts, your intentions and your plans for tomorrow. Working hard to do good, and be […]

  • Happy Devotion 2: Do Not Worry!

    What if you could spend this whole week NOT worrying? No stress. No anxiety. No doubts. 100% confident that everything you need will be provided for. That all your needs will be met. That you will lack no thing. I tell you, do not worry about your life. – Jesus. Yes, that’s in the Bible. Jesus […]

  • Who Are You Listening To?

    There were two voices who spoke about the identity of Jesus before He started His ministry. The first voice was God the Father, “This is my beloved son. I’m pleased with him.” The second voice was Satan, “If you are the son… then prove it.” The first voice was heard during his baptisms in Mark 1. The second […]