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10 years ago my wife and I met the most incredible singer we had ever heard.

She lived in a wooden house in a small town in Puerto Rico. We would stay over for the weekends with her, her husband and their little dog Panda. Christine and Carlos are the precious couple who welcomed us with love, plantains and a song.

We always knew she was special. Her voice and passion were captivating… but the main attraction was the humility (and the breakfast plantains).

She is now an award-winning Latin CCM artist and world famous worship leader. She has millions of followers on social media, and hundreds of thousands more who have sung with her in the biggest concert venues all through Latin America.

Christine D’Clario is probably the biggest voice in Spanish worship today, but bigger than that is her voice of love. My wife and I will always remember how fun she is, her hospitality back in that small little house; and that makes her bigger than anything.

I reached out to my good friend to see if she would answer a few questions for us in HappySonship.com… of course, she was kind enough to answer.

Enjoy the Christine D’Clario Interview:

1. All time favorite moment while leading a worship?

The first time I witnessed the crowd all joined havig a love exchange with God. The song was done, but they weren’t. They all just kept singing and pourig out expressions of love and gratitude to God, not because of what he can do or give, but just as kids in love with their Daddy. It was utter bliss to my soul, and it still is every time is happens.

2. We both love Amber Brooks tell me about translating and singing her song, “Like You Promised”?

The first time I listened to that song I came undone, in every sense of the word. I believe it to be the heart cry of everyone seeking God. And it’s amazing to me that when we call out to God, He always show’s up some way, some how. So, this song put it all into perspective for me in a moment when I really needed it and put words into my mouth to materialize how much I need and desire God in my life. Immediately after hearing it, I knew I wanted to share that experience with my hispanic friends and family. The rest is history 🙂

3. You’re sitting in front of a lesbian friend who’s inviting you to her wedding, “Christine, can you sing in the ceremony?” … You say?

Well, first of all, if this is my friend we’re talking about, she wouldn’t ask me that. I’m very open about my beliefs with my friends and allow for them to be open about theirs with me. I enjoy developing relationships in which we can enjoy, love on, and respect each other. In this particular case, though I do not believe in same sex marriage, I also don’t by any means reject the people who do. Having said that, my friends (and yes, there are gay people in my life whom I love dearly) already know not to invite me to be a part of something that I don’t believe in the same way I wouldn’t ask it of anyone else.

However, if someone were to overstep that respect and still ask me this question my answer would probably be something like: “Thank you for honoring me by making this invitation. I know how special it must be to you. However, as you know, I do not believe in same sex marriage. You know that this union does not change my love for you, but I feel that being a part of this ceremony is going against my biblical beliefs, and I simply cannot do that out of respect for my own self. You also know that in the same way, I wouldn’t ask you to something like this if you were in my shoes. Therefore, I cannot sing at your wedding.” I would immediately give her a big bear hug and make sure she’s understood where my heart is and how much I love her.

4. What does the perfect church look like for you?

Heaven. There is no such thing as a perfect church on earth.

5. What’s the loudest (funnest) crowd to sing with? (after Puerto Ricans of course)

Probably the Dominican Republic, followed by Argentina.

6. Eterno Live is super beyond good. No question here. Just telling you.

Well thank you! God’s literally got the credit for that one. We had nothing but a vision of it when we started out with it. God provided everything for it, the finances and the people, all of it.

7. What’s your go-to song when life feels blah?

I have several: Phil Wickham’s “Sailing on a Ship,” Amber Brooks’ “To Whoom it May Concern,” Stephany Gretzinger’s “Constant One” and “Letting Go,” Kristene DiMarco’s “It is Well,” Hunter G K Thompson’s “Home,” and a few more. Basically, my blah is usually anxious, so anything that eases me. If I’m feeling like a drag, then anything by Juan Luis Guerra picks me right back up. 🙂

8. Any advice for couples that want to do ministry / travels / business together?

It’s beautiful, but without the right balance it can get quite ugly. My trick is, God has to remain the centerpiece of both the ministry/business as well as the marriage. Also, the next priority is to enjoy each other while doing things together, not just enjoying the things you do together. And my last two cents, rest. It’s a must. Burnout ain’t a pretty thing, much less when it’s happening to the both of you. Nurture each other before you nurture work.

9. What’s the biggest struggle a woman faces as a leader in church/ministry?

Well, by nature women tend to be more emotionally sensitive (the Bible says we are like a fragile glass). A vast majority of us ladies tend to wear our heart on our sleeve. It’s great when connecting with the heart of God and people. However, it does make us prone to getting hurt or dissaponted often, and when a women hurts, she does very deeply. So, from my perspective, one of the biggest struggles lays much with having to surrender our emotions daily, to not allow myself to be fooled by my heart, and to regular visits to ‘Dr. God’ to heal my soul so I can more effectively love Him by loving others well.

In addition to that, of course there is having to face gender bias. But the best letter of presentation for any woman that walks in ‘a man’s world’ is God’s grace in her and whetever she does.

10. Your husband’s name is Carlos, my name is Carlos, will you name your first born son Carlos? (seeing as it such holy, beautiful name)

Probably not. Only because I do say my Carlos’ name a lot every day, and I love just the way it just rolls off my tongue when I look at him. That name for me is very his. I’m not sure if I want to split my attention when I say it.

12. What do you want people to say about you at your funeral?

“She loved God, she loved people, and she did it well.” And I wouldn’t mind if a bunch of those that came were people that I had the privilege to lead to Jesus 🙂

Check our her music in English – Deeper

And her new live album in Español – Eterno Live

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