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Jaye Thomas is a well-known worship leader at IHOP-KC. He lived a gay lifestyle and still deals with same-sex attraction.

I love his music. I love his heart. But most of all I love his honesty.

You don’t have to agree with everything he says, but I encourage you to listen to his experience and his life journey. It’s hard to related two seemly contradictory subjects like Homosexuality and Christianity and hundreds of people have asked for more information after my article on “How God Made Bruce Jenner”   I thought hearing from a man who has been there/done that, is worthwhile our readers time.

Jaye sat down with my friends Jonathan Puddle and Benjamin Jackson for their Revival Magazine Podcast to chat about how the church at-large is struggling to respond to homosexuals in love and grace and holiness. The pendulum tends to swing from complete acceptance of people as they are (with little regard to change), to destructive hate piled upon homosexuals in the name of Christ.

How do we answer something we really don’t understand? How do we find the real heart of people’s issues? How do we help people to walk out real freedom and righteousness?

Listen with hope and enjoy.


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