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It’s been a while since an album changed my life.

I found it inside a folder I was about to erase in my computer. I dropped it into my iTunes and then I was captured. From the first strum of the guitar my heart skipped to a different beat.

So I contacted the artist immediately. I had to tell him what he was making me feel. Somehow, this undiscovered gem started to awaken things in my heart that wanted out. And I could not stop listening and learning.

His name is Ian Randall Thornton. And I want to let you know about his music. His debut EP “End Where You Begin” is a six track continuous song series about “the beauty and difficulty of love in the context of change, life, and death.” It’s a locally produce album that Ian recorded with his friends, but it feels like a worldwide masterpiece. It’s too good for a review. You have to listen for yourself.

My wife and I have been growing in it for the last few months. It has an atmosphere attached to it; like you can feel better, think better, listen to your heart better. And Ian manages to connect you with God and others in a different, more beautiful, kind of way.

Trust me, I hate it when people hype something and then you feel disappointed because it was never as good as it was sold (Avatar!) But this is “End Where You Begin” and it’s honestly the best folk album I have ever heard.

I don’t have much more to say. So I will leave you with the words of Kristen Lafleche from Muzik Lounge while reviewing the album, “Ian’s soulful vocals paired with layered instrumental creates such a resonance that it overwhelms your senses, and holds you with a warm embrace.”

It really is very good. So enjoy the exclusive live video above from his beautiful song “I Have Seen” and download his album now. Your heart and soul (and drive to work) will be better for it.


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Like Ian on Facebook + Check out his website at: http://ianrandallthornton.com

*Photo by Stephen Stonestreet.