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I want to read the Bible like a Pornstar. Specifically like Brittni Ruiz. Her stage name used to be Jenna Presley and up till 2012, she was one of the biggest draws in the adult industry. But a couple of years ago she read a verse in the book of Revelation and it changed everything.

So there’s a possibility that you recognise Brittni as Jenna. Just like I did.

That’s why I want to read the Bible like her. I used to read it in order to master it; to preach sermons that would make people smile, cry, applaud and re-tweet me one more time.

Now, I realize His Word wants to master me.

I believe that one encounter with God’s voice can produce the same radical, life-changing transformation Brittni had. The kind where everything shifts. Where the 50% and the 20% become the 0%.

Sure, we can hide and pretend as if sexual sin is not our issue. But whether on the internet or in your mind, or in your actions with someone else, we all struggle with lust. Wanting what belongs to another.

I know I did.

Still do sometimes.

And similarly to you, I desire the freedom of His holiness. The pleasures of His comfort. The reality of His satisfaction.

Jesus says to us, “You are already clean because of the word which I have spoken to you.” John 15:3. If we believe this, it can transform us.

Just like it did for Brittni. She is now 27 and a follower of Jesus. For seven years she filmed porn movies (while being high, and drunk and dealing with suicidal thoughts). In an interview with Billy Hallowell she said, “I was so robotic, like a rubber Barbie doll. I had no emotions, I was no longer Brittni. I became Jenna Presley. I had an alter ego.”

Yet after a series of events that brought her to the brink of death her grandparents took her in. She visited their church and with tears in her eyes, Brittni (and Jenna) received the forgiveness of love.

Unfortunately she went back. She was broke, desperate and accustomed to the shameful success.

Fortunately, Jesus never quits.

She heard the voice of the Holy Spirit say, “Bring your Bible.” This was on her way to Vegas, where she was scheduled to film three hardcore sex scenes in one day. But she had this awakening as she read Revelation 2 aboard the airplane, “It was speaking about this adulteress woman. [It said] God had given her plenty of opportunities to repent … and that God would cast her into hell and I was like, ‘Oh my goodness. I’m the adulteress woman! He’s given me time to repent. What’s my problem?'”

Yes, Brittni Ruiz heard the voice of God. Still, Jenna Presley went to work.

Fortunately, Jesus never quits.

After that scene she thought, “There’s no looking back!” So she quit the lifestyle she had embraced for nearly a decade. “I got super involved in the church very quickly. I love Jesus and I’m all for him. I want to do everything according to his word.”

So Brittni is no longer Jenna. She is now walking in purity. Choosing marriage. And sharing about her ultimate lover with anyone who wants to hear.

I think we need to learn not to judge people in the process (as “ungodly” or as “unbiblical” as their story might sound).

[bctt tweet=”The Holy Spirit is a person and He deals with us personally.”]

The journey of sanctification is different for different people. And that’s why religion is so stifling; it wants to create a formula out of something that only works in the context of relationship. The freedom of Jesus is dependant on encounter and reliant on humility. That is the way of His Kingdom.

I also think we need to learn to not judge ourselves. “Do you have a massive sin struggle?” 

You do?


Well, welcome to the human race! Only Jesus is perfect. He alone is sinless.

However, now we get to join him. Because, “God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.” 2 Cor. 5:21

We get to be open and honest about our struggles. When Pornography is tempting, I talk to my wife about it. I share with my pastors when I’m feeling out of control. I have resources that set up good boundaries for me. And I have God’s word as a lamp in the darkness.

What if we read the Bible like Brittni did? Like a child who does not question whether the theology or the context or the translation is right? Brittni read a random verse with a willing heart. And it changed everything. It’s up to us to allow God’s word to become the invitation for transformation instead of a tool for discussion or opinion or separation. Pride will get us nowhere and sin is crouching at the door.

Fortunately for us, Jesus never quits.


Sexual sin runs deep. Accountability should run deeper.

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– I love Kris Vallotton. His book is super helpful, Moral Revolution: The Naked Truth About Sexual Purity 

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