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If we confuse American Christianity with the good news of Jesus, we will end up with a message that is only good news to those in Christian America.

Politics is about taking sides. Politics is about eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. But Jesus is the tree of life… and ANYONE can feast from Him.

On Tuesday night, Jimmy Kimmel said, “God is a very important part of this primary election,” with “most all of the candidates” going out of their way to “talk about the Bible and their faith.”

Kimmel had an actor dress up like Jesus to read actual quotes from the Republican candidates. You know, just to see how they would sound “from the mouth of Jesus.”

As Relevant Magazine wrote, “Sure, many Christians will find the show’s irreverent depiction of Jesus offensive. But the truly interesting part is that this segment ends up being less funny and more of an indictment of the current political climate. And, unexpectedly, Kimmel may cause some Christians to pause and think about their politics in light of their faith.”

Now, I’m not denying that some of these candidates have a relationship with Jesus. I’m not denying that some grew up with Christian values and are legitimately trying to do what’s best for their country (according to their understanding of those Christian values).

I’m just saying that no one (either Republican or Democrat or Libertarian) can claim to have Jesus supporting them above the rest.

The truth is that this skit would work with any politician, from any country or era, and with many church leaders as well.

Heck, it would definitely work with me!

As the famous saying goes,

“Mixing Christianity and politics is like mixing ice cream with horse manure: You will not ruin the horse manure, but it will ruin the ice cream.”

Shane Claiborne asked a painful question in, Jesus for President: Politics for Ordinary Radicals“We can support a president while also worshiping Jesus as the Son of God.’ But how is this possible? For one says that we must love our enemies, and the other says we must kill them; one promotes the economics of competition, while the other admonishes the forgiveness of debts. To which do we pledge allegiance?”

So which ever side you lean towards (left or right or just in-between) know this: Jesus IS the King of Kings. He rules and reigns supreme. And He got there through The Cross. He was given the name above all names because He died for His friends (and His enemies).

I pray with all my heart that we stop the silly pursuit of political power, of trying to change people’s hearts with bills and law and elections, of trying to force the concept of “Christian nations” instead of taking the love of Christ to ALL the peoples in ALL the nations.

We should instead stick with the New Testament formula, “Pray especially for rulers and their governments to rule well so we can be quietly about our business of living simply, in humble contemplation. This is the way our Savior God wants us to live. He wants not only us but everyone saved, you know, everyone to get to know the truth we’ve learned: that there’s one God and one mediator between God and us—Jesus, who offered himself in exchange for everyone held captive by sin, to set them all free. Eventually the news is going to get out.” (1 Tim. 2)

We are the Eventually. And the time to live beyond our inclinations and ethics and agendas has arrived.

Now go ahead.

Be a good citizen.

Enjoy your right to vote for the candidate that appeals to you.

And in honor, speak up for what you believe in.

Just remember that the way of Christ is superior.

And our politics (which are clearly His politics) are to serve the least, to heal their wounds, to save the lost, to teach forgiveness and to demonstrate (in words and action) the love of Father God.

I vote we do that. ✓


The American church doesn’t need more Christian politicians or Christian presidents. We need prophets, pastors, poets, peacemakers, and ordinary people who live the politics of Jesus. – Nathan Hamm

* Read more on why: Jesus ran away from earthly political positions (literally).