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This video is an invitation to acknowledge miracles.

We are constantly surrounded by cynicism and doubt. Our inclination is disbelief. But it helps me to have a two toddlers in the house. They remind me of the beauty of awe. And Jesus invited us to be like little children, for theirs is the Kingdom.

Every once in a while a story comes along that helps me remember that prayer works. That good things that cannot be explained, happen. Not just evil senseless acts committed by broken individuals here on earth, but supernatural goodness manifested by a loving Father above.   

Doctors claim that humans can only go from 5 to 10 minutes without oxygen. After that the person ends up suffering from severe brain damage. 14-year-old John Smith, a native of Missouri, fell through ice on Lake Louise and was under the freezing water for 15 minutes. Once in the hospital the doctors worked on John for an additional half hour. John, scientifically speaking, was gone! The doctor declared him dead, but his mom didn’t stop believing. In a combination of faith and despair she walked into the room, and loudly cried out to the Holy Spirit.

James 5:16  The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. James 5:16

God is capable of the impossible. So tune the cynical out, change your expectations and watch Him go to work.

Whatever you are in need of turn it into prayer. For happy is the one who believes even before he sees.


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