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Perfect weather. Lots of people coming over to help. Superb behaviour from the boys. A break to do some shopping alone. Delicious food cooked by others. And oh yeah, I have a terrible cold! One of those head pounding, nose leaking, it even gave me diarrhea types of cold.

But as I sat there, watching the little ones play with Tio Ben and Titi Yuki, I remembered the now famous song from the movie Frozen, “Let it Go”… and I ran to the bathroom again, to let go of the snot and the poo.

So I guess today I was the toddler in the family. And that’s ok.

In it, I rediscovered the value of community. It really does take a village to raise a child, but also to help an adult thrive.

We teach our kids to call our friends, Tio and Titi (Auntie and Uncle). We live in a city far away from both of our homelands but as foreigners we have felt the embrace of a church that is willing to walk the road with us (even when there is a lot of snot and poo involved).

My friends in Raleigh have made it easy for me to be nice to my wife. They are helping out so much that I am inspired again to give more of myself. To love genuinely and to honour all. And I guess all the multivitamins I have taken today are going to my heart. Giving health to my perspective. Reminding me again, that we need each other. And as I wrote in my book that comes out next week and you should buy it no matter what!

“Independence in the Kingdom is a sign of sickness, not freedom. This is not a Lone Ranger’s gospel. This is the story of a family.”

I’m so happy that Alejandro and Sebastián have so many tio’s and titi’s that love them and truly care. I only hope that as they see me depending on others to survive this week, they learn the lesson of asking and trusting your family. I don’t want them to be pretenders through life, I pray that they become dependant on God and His people. And in turn, become the greatest givers to those in need.

The truth is that I’m not taking my kids to church tomorrow, they saw the church in action today. Together we were the church. No music was played. no offering was taken, no sermon was preached, but I know that they heard the good news of Jesus through every selfless act my friends did for me.

This church family is parenting our sons with us. And they are doing a stellar job at it. For that, I will be forever grateful.


ps. We are coming to the building the church meets on sunday mornings so make sure you do come for worship, leave your offering and enjoy the sermon! No better place than Catch the Fire Raleigh – 9:00 and 11:00am 🙂

Mr. Mom / Let It Go