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Today is one of the most glorious days in my whole existence. Very few days compare to the glory of this one. It had been many years in the making. Waiting, trusting, expecting Jesus to perform the miracle.

Victory, breakthrough, deliverance, freedom, so many words that can properly convey the magnitude of this achievement. On this day, the Lord’s day, Sunday, April the 6th of the year 2014, my eldest son, Carlos Alejandro Rodríguez Roberts, went to the bathroom, did a poo, wiped this butt, washed his hands and turned the light off.  

“Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!”

True, It was not perfect. It wasn’t pretty. “Messy” would be an accurate description. But oh my, joy filled the house.

Funny how something so normal and human can be so celestial in certain occasions. I guess that’s the joy of parenting. Celebrating the small moments. Delighting in the baby steps of growth. Embracing the little victories because it feels like you’re failing in so many other areas.

Now, my son and I can always looks back at this week together and remember the battle won. These 8 days carry with them a huge milestone. The end of the diaper era for my 3-year-old. I know he still might have a couple of accidents, that every once in a while I will need to clean his behind and his pants and his big boy underwear and probably his shoes because feces flows down his leg like the rivers of Babylon. But today is a victory. And no future mess can take that away from me.

I go to bed more alive than ever and praying to God that Alejandro keeps going to the bathroom, and doing his poo, and wipeing his butt, and washing his hands, and turning the light off.

And next time you do a poo poo in the potty, remember the joy that this one simple act brought to your parents a long time ago, and thank them for teaching you how to do that, and so many other mindless things.

To my mom I say: ¡Gracias! for dealing with my poo and other kinds of poo for so long. One day it will be my turn to wipe your butt and I will be proud to do it. You earned it.

Big smile and hugs.

ps. I really miss Catherine

Mr. Mom / Poo Poo in the Potty