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You hear so many sounds in a house with toddlers! (It’s actually a small apartment with 3 Puertoricans so it’s worse than you imagine). They scream, they fart, they argue, they shout with joy, they play the drums, and they play the drums some more. It’s even loud when they themselves are quiet; the TV is on at level 32, the washing machine is tumbling loud and the neighbors upstairs are having a dance party. The noise is even louder in my head, as I pray/beg/plead with God Almighty, “Please, please, please let them watch TV for 20 minutes more!

But then there’s a sweeter sound. It’s the sound made by the turning of the key at the door. That sound is mixed with the sound of the boys gasping for air. And then, the rhythm of their little feet stomping out of the room joined with the glorious giggle as they shout, “Mommy is home!”

120-something-hours without their old lady and now the greatest sound of all, kisses and squezzes and more kisses and hugs. It’s such a beautiful sight to see boys love their mom. It’s so overwhelming it makes me want to sleep. And that’s what I did. Laid on the sofa in a celebratory nap as mom did everything for the her precious boys. #soakmore

You did it Mr. Rodríguez! The boys were fed (mostly chips and beans) You brushed their teeth (maybe twice in 5 days) and no one died (well, almost). But now Mom is back and the true order of the universe is restored. Let the Breaking Bad binge watching weekend marathon begin!

But really, it’s amazing how kids love their parents. How forgiving they are. How much their eyes sparkle when mommy or daddy walk through the door. They make you feel so special, so important, so valued. And you are! For sure you are.

With kids you discover that you are an extremely capable police officer, nurse, cook, teacher, referee and super hero. They think you are good looking, incredibly strong and ridiculously funny. And you know what, I agree with them! Kids don’t lie. Jesus said they owned the Kingdom of Heaven. So who am I to contradict their perspective?

These 5 days have put into focus what my last 5 days in the world could be like. When all is said and done. When my spirit legs start to cross the finish line. On that very last day, before I take my very last breath, I don’t want the regret of not doing this more. I don’t want to hear myself complain because I spent too much time away with work or ministry or sermons or trips. I don’t want to look back and regret that I was busy with life and destiny and future and I missed out on the daily glory of parenting. Because soon my boys will be in school. Soon it will be illegal to bite their butt cheeks. Soon it will be uncool for them to hug me and give me a sloppy wet kiss (or even an unforeseen kiss) (Did David Crowder really change that lyric?) (Wow) (so dumb) (I need to get over that).

Yes, I know that sad day will come. High school, girlfriends, university, weddings, other fathers, other influencers, other superheroes. So I am making the best of the time I have now. I’m ok with having other regrets in life. But not this one regret. These days are all about Catherine, our boys and our adoption, and the sound we want to always hear is the living  heartbeat of us as a family.

As Liam Neeson said,

Every cliche about kids is true; they grow up so quickly, you blink and they’re gone, and you have to spend the time with them now. But that’s the joy.

That guy knows about loving his kids. Just watch the movie Taken and you will see. And I will follow his example. I will use my skills and talents and time not just to serve others, but mostly to love my family. The ones who matter most.

I’m excited to wake up tomorrow to hear my boys fart again. It’s hilarious in so many ways and I love them for laughing so hard every time it happens. But now we get to laugh together as 4 and that’s the most beautiful symphony of all. 

Thank you for your prayers. They are not needed anymore. I literally have everything I could ever hope for.


Mr. Mom

ps. I love you.