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I think it’s true that life in fact does bring you around in a full circle…

Today I feel like a new woman. My name has officially changed to Mrs Rosy Alexander and I am celebrating by writing my very first blog post. This is a pretty big step for me and I feel like it’s a journey of conquering one of my few fears – fear of writing. Writing has never been my thing and English happens to be my second language. Being the eldest, I was bold, and not afraid of very much. I’ve always figured it out, made it happen, and I stayed far from things that didn’t come naturally to me. Failing was never an option in my home. However, I am a woman who likes a good challenge; I will go out of my way to climb any mountain that intimidates me. I was born and raised at the foothills of the Himalayan mountains after all.

Speaking of being raised, I think it’s amazing that the place you grow up in has a way of instilling in you some of your core values. My family has taught me to always break ground and climb towards a higher one. The one person who did it best was my grandma (ama). My favorite little lady stood four feet ten inches tall and looked like she weighed less than a feather. Despite her looks, she was an entrepreneur, a farmer, and a force to be reckoned with. I always wanted to be around ama and I would end up with her in the rice fields where she worked. Let me tell you, rice fields are not as glamorous and serene as the Asian rice paddies you see in pictures. It is hot, wet, and the ground is full of earthworms!

My ama. She did life so boldly and taught me how it was done. In a country that treated women left by their husbands as outcasts, she, an uneducated woman, made it happen. I remember her home was made literally from red mud and stones – probably why I love the Raleigh soil so much. But her backyard, it overflowed with the freshest vegetables and fruits: tastiest daikon radishes, juiciest mangoes, the most fragrant lychees, sweetest Pomegranates, and more. She even raised her own cattle and milked it herself for dairy, now that was the most local, grass fed, organic milk ever. You get the picture, she was the most hipster lady ever!

I think it’s true that life in fact does bring you around in a full circle.

I like to think that I complete my ama’s circle. Right now, I sell produce for living. Ned(my amazing and genius husband) had an idea six years ago to deliver the freshest produce to people’s homes. And he does. Go Local Produce has been delivering the best produce to people in the greater Raleigh area for almost 5 years now. Because of Go Local I started cooking. Sadly, I did not learn to cook the incredible food my Ama cooked, but Ned married me and turned me into a cook that competed in a national cooking competition show.

Four years of fruitful Go Local Produce and married life with Ned and suddenly one day I got it. I burst through our front door in tears after a long day of work. My emotions overcame me, Nepali monsoon rain(what Ned thinks my tears look like) crashing down on our living room floor, and I could barely get my words out. Ned comforted me thinking something was wrong, but those tears were tears of pride and joy. My heart soared with pride in what I was doing. I understood the circle of my life that ama started.

Ama had paved the way for me, she tilled the ground, sowed the seeds, tended the fields, sold produce, and sent us to this land of the free. And here I was, eating all the good fruit of her labor. Ama passed away in 2009. My uncle called me so I could speak to her while she was breathing her last breath. He had no clue that I was on the other line with my future husband starting a new chapter of my life. She passed that day and I picked up my birthright. My inheritance was to love and share love through food the way my ama did with me.

So, I want to honor the woman who taught me how to do life by continuing her circle and legacy.

Its simple. I believe that food should be made with the freshest ingredients and shared with your most favorite people. This blog, my food journal, and pieces of my life I hope will go like this: it will inspire more than a handful of people to get in the kitchen, eat fresh, spice up their food, and share love. One day I know that those handful of people will then in return inspire a handful more to do the same. Ama’s circle completed. 

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