Happy Sonship is an online magazine that reaches millions of people every year. Our articles are designed to give a grace-filled perspective to all the things that are happening in our world today.

We are reaching people inside and outside the church. And that was always the plan! How do you think we’re doing?

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Your contribution will help us to continue writing articles while expanding our reach through podcasts, videos, interviews and more. We want to produce high quality content that will reach all generations and allow the conversation of God’s love to go around the nations.

Know that 80% of all the profits we receive from Happy Sonship go back to International Adoptions (the adoption of our daughter and support of their orphanage) and our friends at Casa de Paz in Peru (who are building an incredible home for children in need).

We don’t expect anyone to contribute any more to our projects than simply reading our articles and downloading our content. We appreciate that by itself! But if you feel like contributing more, it’ll all go back into creating more stuff and giving more resources away.

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ps. If you’re interested, here’s the info. on our adoption. 

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