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Synesthesia by Bethel Music
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Bethel Music has continued their journey into the world of instrumental music with the recent release of their album ‘Without Words: Synesthesia’. The album is primarily composed of instrumental remakes of well-known Bethel songs like “You Make Me Brave”, “This is Amazing Grace”, and “Ever Be”.

It starts with a swooning intro, contains six short interludes, eleven songs (including a remake of Hillsong’s “Oceans ‘Where Feet May Fail’”), and an outro. Using their first ‘Without Words’ album as their floor, their sophomore album has taken the beauty and composition of their instrumental remakes to new heights.

Synesthesia moves away from feeling like they’ve just taken songs and removed the words, and moves into feeling more like the score of a movie. It is incredibly cinematic and has a massive soundscape. The combination of acoustic instrumentation and electronic influence breeds a beautiful, layered sound that leaves you feeling like you
are floating in slow motion. Caught somewhere between Sigur Ros, Explosions in the Sky, and The Album Leaf, Synesthesia carries and conveys incredible depth of emotion without the use of a single word.

A perfect example of the blend of sounds is the song “You Make Me Brave”. There is just enough of the melody present for anyone familiar with the song to identify it, however they’ve totally deconstructed and remade it into something new and incredibly rich. It starts with layered synths and pads, followed by gentle picking of an acoustic guitar and background singing. The song is largely piano and guitar driven and has a melodic and mellow feel until the final chorus. Just when you think you’ve reached the end of the song it swells into a massive anthemic, atmospheric ending with drums and cymbals smashing and a choir of what sounds like 1,000 angels carrying the song to it’s conclusion.

bethelwordsWhile Bethel Music is primarily known for their corporate worship albums, there’s no doubt they are tapping into a new and fresh expression of worship with Synesthesia. And whether you’re at work, on a run, in the car, or laying on the floor, this album is sure to find a home in your daily routine.

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