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The hashtag  has been the number one trending topic on Twitter for the last 48 hours.

And after hours upon (unnecessary) hours of collecting data and researching the good, the bad and the ugly in it, I decided to collect the top ones I have found and share them with you.

The criteria for selection were, “funny, original or challenging.” And the post below represent a wide spectrum of voices from Christians to atheists, conservatives to liberals… and everyone in between.

Right or wrong, here are the #ThingsJesusNeverSaid:

15. “Blessed are the rich.” 

14. “You who are truly Bible-believing, throw the first stone.” 

13. “Franklin Graham speaks for me.” 

12. “I’m really sorry, but your jeans just aren’t skinny enough to be a worship leader.” 

11. “In this world, you will not have tribulations or afflictions. This is not your destiny!” 

10. “Don’t read the Bible to learn what I said, but by all means participate in Twitter trends as if you have.” 

9. “How beautiful are the feet of those who missionally wear Toms.” 

8. “When people point your flaws, respond back by pointing out theirs”

7. “Love your neighbour; unless your neighbour is gay, trans, or muslim” 

6. “God Bless America.” 

5. When I said to “feed the poor”, I referring to the government, not you. 

4.Anything in English.” @mikta


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Sacred Heart of Jesus by Vittorio Bianchini


Sacred Heart of Jesus by Vittorio Bianchini

As I said in my article, 7 THINGS JESUS NEVER SAID (posted 8 months ago, thank you very much) “No doubt, it’s best to focus on what Jesus actually said. There is so much love and goodness communicated in the words of Christ. So take time to read the gospels. Immerse yourself in his miracles and challenges. Let the Word himself revolutionise who you are. Even if it contradicts your foundations, stick to what Jesus said.

And instead of putting words in his mouth, let him put his words in yours.”


*Got any good ones to add? Share in the comments section below.