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It’s tempting to give into fear. As a father I worry about my children being raised as “Pastor’s Kids.” You hear horror stories of PK’s that have gone astray (like super cray cray). The list is endless: Marilyn Manson, Vincent van Gogh, Marvin Gaye, Alice Cooper, Katy Perry, and the sad-est story of all, the Jonas brothers! And there are more. Many more. Lots of them not famous. Lots of them lost to the shame and the guilt and the pain. Consumed by the pressure of what they should look/behave/act/sound like. Destroyed by the Ungodly expectations set by Godly people.

As Daniel Burke wrote, “Beneath the stereotypes of PK’s as either goody two-shoes or devilish hellions lies a tense and sometimes taxing reality. Studies show that many PK’s, struggle with issues of identity, privacy and morality.”

Children of clergy often experience pressure due to the expectations placed on them, and may develop feelings of isolation and inner conflict as a result. Parental workload (which, by definition, includes working on the weekend) may also be a source of stress.

But there is hope! I know lots (and I mean lots) of PK’s who have walk the road of bitterness and frustration but have come out golden. They chose the love of God. They chose grace over judgement. They chose to forgive. And it seems like they have an understanding of what’s required for the Body of Christ to move on to the next level of health and growth. The Info-Graph below shows a cheerful trend. And I plan to add to the positive numbers.

I’m not a PK. But my kids are. I have no clue what they are going through. But I know God is their ultimate Father. The one who truly calls them by name. So I trust Him to father them even when I fail. And as they see my failings, I pray that they learn a thing or two and become champions of a better way.

I don’t care if my kids become ministers or not. I just want them to be happy. To follow God’s path for their individual lives (And I want is to keep them out of the 7%):


Pastors Kids



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