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For so long, our younger generation has been referred to as selfish, demanding, entitled, phone obsessed, and a group that ‘NEEDS WHAT I WANT NOW’. Now, these things do hold some truth (ok, maybe a lot of truth) but I want to clear something up.

You may have thought by the title that I was gonna say what you have all wanted to say-(and shout in our faces)… That our generation needs to grow up and that our future world is doomed because it will be run by these people who have grown up knowing more about social media and the iPhone than about the society that we live in.

But here’s the thing. In order for change to take place, mentorship needs to take place. Many great leader were once under great leadership.

If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants. -Isaac Newton

As a member of this ‘doomed generation’, I am going to tell you what we need to hear. We need to hear the support of our elders, and know that we have people believing in us.

It’s easy to maintain the mentality that there’s no point in trying to create change when it is too late. But my friends, it is never too late. Have you ever stopped to think that there is a reason our generation is the way we are? Is it Facebook that made us obsessed with socializing? Is it technological advancements that made us lazy? In part, maybe.

But, I believe that the responsibility more so lies in the hands of those that have gone before us. The ones that we look to, and the ones who raised us. Now I understand that there are choices, and sometimes no matter how well someone is raised, they will make choices that do not reflect the manner in which they were brought up.

However, there’s a certain shift that takes place when you know that someone believes in you.

It’s almost like you get your swag on and can walk into anything with your head held high because, HEY! You have people on your side! This is what my generation needs to hear.

Instead of constant problem wallowing, how about problem solving? How about our elders say, “What part of this scenario can we take responsibility for?” And further more, “How can we solve this issue?”

I’d like to see a world where comparisons like ‘you have no idea how easy you have it compared to when I was your age!’ Are not a first response in the face of trials.

Empowering young people to achieve greatness, and being there to say ‘hey, we believe in you. You face a lot of challenges in today’s society, but we know you can rise up and use your strengths to become awesome’

It’s really quite simple. A person flourishes with support and encouragement. We need to hear that the world believes in us. We need to hear that your ceiling is our floor, and that the world is at our fingertips.

Maybe then, we can push past the frivolities of this society, shrug off doom and step into greatness.

Can’t do it alone.

Will you help us? 

“If you want world changers you need to believe in people before they deserve it.” -Kris Vallotton