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She is married to a controversial figure in the music industry. Her step-dad is the most famous transgender in the world. Her reality-TV-show has put her entire family on the world’s stage. And her brother-in-law just went into a coma for overdosing inside a brothel.

In the midst of all her drama, I’m sure Jesus is keeping up with Kim Kardashian.

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Lamar Odom is currently recovering. And she believes this to be a direct response to their prayers. Yes, Kim Kardashian prays and she confesses that God is good. She has shared multiple Bible verses on her Twitter feed (which is one of the top 10 feeds in the whole wide world.)
Oh yeah, she has also been in multiple sex tapes and nude photo shoots.

But maybe Kim Kardashian could be a modern-day Mary Magdalen.

Remember her? Also a woman of fame (for good or bad). A woman whose name is mentioned more in the Gospels than most of the male disciples.

A follower who was there during the crucifixion and was also the very first to see Jesus on the other side of the grave. This made Mary Magdalen the very first one to share the good news of resurrection.

Saint Augustine called her, “an apostle to the apostles.”

The Bible also tells us that Jesus had cast seven demons out of her. And according to church tradition, it is likely that Mary Magdalen was as a woman previously known for her, “loose morals and reputation of sin.”

What we do know with certainty is that Jesus loved her, included her in His ministry and made a way for her to be a voice of influence.

That’s just who He is! With you, with me, with Mary and with Kim.

Kim Kardahian was born in Los Angeles, California, the daughter of Robert Kardashian (the lawyer who defended O.J. Simpson during his a murder trail.) Kim’s father comes from a long line of members of the Armenian Orthodox Church and Kardashian’s mother was raised a Catholic.

And Kim isn’t shy about expressing those beliefs:

“Whatever it is, I give 10% away to the church. That’s what I was taught.”

“Early morning workout done now off to church with the family.”

Earlier this year she re-tweeted a message from Women of Christ, a Twitter account that shares biblical messages.

“Jesus is my top priority.”

Kardashian also re-tweeted a message from California Community Church pastor Brad Johnson about judgment.

“When Jesus died on the cross, He was judged for the sins of the world… court is no longer in session, Stop Judging.”

As Christine Thomas reported, “While many remember the reality television star for coming into the spotlight after being featured in an adult tape, she has still been public about her church attendance. The reality television star took to her personal Celeb Buzz blog where she let fans know that she was study the word of God while giving style tips last year, “Malika and I went to dinner together and then Bible study.”

She has also been pictured attending services at Life Change Community Church in Agoura Hills, Calif., and even spoke about starting her own Bible study.

“On [my] way to church with the girls,” Kardashian tweeted before attending a service for New Year’s in January 2012. “I want to start a Bible study group with my friends.”

Kim and her now-husband, rap singer Kanye West, began visiting Trinity Church, an Assemblies of God congregation in Miami pastored by Rich Wilkerson Sr.

And this past April, the pregnant mother visited some of the most sacred sites on Earth during their two-day visit to Jerusalem, highlighted by the baptism of their 21-month-old daughter North West.

They included a stop by the Church of the Holy Sepulcher — the site of Christ’s crucifixion, burial, and resurrection… and her Instagram page showed herself and Kanye crouching under the statue of Jesus.

“I want to know where Jesus walked,” Kim told her sister as they overlooked the historic city. “I want to walk on that same path.”

Me too.

I’m not saying that Kim is an example to follow. I am in no hurry for my kids to be influenced by celebrities like her.

What I am saying is that Kim has expressed interest, desire, and a hunger for the God of the Bible.

Yes, her world is very (very) different to ours. However, Jesus is always willing to meet people where they are at, not where they should be.

Like you, me, Bruce Jenner, Hugh Jackman, Shia LaBeouf, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Brad Pitt and Kim Kardashian.

( ▴ Every name on that list has a link to a story about how God is reaching out to them.)

Jesus is God’s love language to sinners.

I know that our generation has an unhealthy fascination with celebrity lifestyles. But what if God will turn that into good? (as He has so masterfully done in the past, time and time again.)

What if Jesus is still into the original model? Find the unlikeliest of people, invite them, love them, train them, and then set them loose to change the world.

Ask Peter, James and John… and Mary Magdalen.

Ask Saul turned Paul and all the other heroes of the New Testament.

They were all men and women of ill reputation (or no reputation at all) who encounter the loveliest of Saviors, and became something more than their previous titles.

Kim Kardashian West is known for many non-Christian things (said and done on print and TV).

She has sinned.

But so have we.

Jesus forgives.

So should we.

God believes the best about all the Kardashians.

And as hard as that may be… let’s believe with Him.


There is no better news than that the God who makes the demand for perfection also meets the demand for perfection on our behalf. – Tullian Tchividjian