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Your Beauty EP Review
93%Overall Score
Reader Rating 9 Votes

1424938739737“After All” is a song about wrestling with unanswerable questions, staring into the darkness of the unknown and unexplainable and the hope that carries us through.

And it’s just one of the six memorizing tracks from Joshua Luke Smith’s latest project, Your Beauty EP.

The heart, the pull, and the quality of this production is so very good. You can tell that love, sweat and tears went into this repertoire. And every track is loaded with words, poetry and a sound deeper than most. As the guys in The Drop wrote, “Joshua Luke Smith is gaining momentum in becoming an important voice at a very young age. As a craftsman lyricist and a captivating song writer, it is no wonder that his independently released music has been well received, the 25 year old’s debut EP secured a top ten position in the international iTunes Hip Hop/Rap charts only hours after being released. It seems to be Smith’s desire to write music that does not simply provide his audience with a good tune or playful lyrics but to release words of power, substance and meaning.”

According to the artist, “Your Beauty” embodies his musical, spiritual and emotional journey. It burrows deep into the archives of his life, telling stories he sometimes wish he had forgotten and experiences he felt privileged to have had. It captures some of his greatest challenges and celebrates the most splendid triumphs Joshua’s ever known.

I’m a new fan. I’m listening continually.

You should be too.

Your Beauty EP. 

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