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According to CBS News, a church in Jemison, Alabama has opened a gun range right behind their sanctuary.

Pastor Phillip Guin sensed a unique opportunity for outreach when debating what to do with the empty gully behind his Rocky Mount United Methodist Church recently.

“This is an opportunity for us to reach out in the name of Jesus Christ in a setting that is completely unique. Even odd by some people’s standards. But who’s to say that church can’t happen right here,” Guin said, pointing at the red clay dirt of one of the area’s most popular gun ranges.

Turning holy-owned ground into a place to practice a deadly art wasn’t originally about outreach, though, Guin told CBS affiliate WIAT in Birmingham, which first broke the story.

“We had quite a number of church members, some elderly ladies, for example, and some not so elderly women that had purchased guns, but didn’t know how to use them,” Guin said.

The range was initially used to teach firearm safety, but then transitioned into the Rocky Mount Hunt and Gun Club because many in the congregation hunt or are gun enthusiasts.

So far, only church members use the range, but outsiders have been inquiring.

Worship Jesus… then pass the ammo.

What do you think?

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