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This week in the Drop The Stones podcast, we interview Brian McLaren, a pastor, author and Christian activist. He joined us to talk about his personal experience in Charlottesville during the Alt-Right demonstration on the weekend of August 11-12 2017.

We discussed whether Christians should march and protest, how to address racial issues among liberals and conservatives, taking racism seriously, and ways to stay hopeful through the present troubles. 

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Yes, this past week was hard and divisive. And there were hard conversation that needed to be had about racism, white supremacy and the future of America. Even harder (it seemed) was having those conversations with integrity and compassion within the church.

As I wrote in The Racism In Charlottesville Is The Church’s Problem, “We have to stand up for the oppressed instead of standing up for ourselves. We have to call out the sin of racism and resist the temptation of partiality. We say No! to Charlottesville and Yes! to the brown man from Galilee who died for all to be welcomed. Because the racism in Charlottesville is the church’s problem. And the church is its solution.”

I’m grateful for people like Brian, people who clearly stand for something but are willing to engage all sides of the conversation with truth and hope.

Learn more about him (and get at least 3 of his books) on his website brianmclaren.net

I personally recommend “The Great Spiritual Migration” – A challenging and hopeful book for a new generation of followers of Jesus (and his ways).

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