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Pastor Brian Zahnd joins us to discuss hell, hades, sheol, and the eternal fires that burn hot… for them? for you?


Maybe not.

Listen as we discuss how the early church preached salvation, how his new book “Sinners In The Hands Of A Loving God” is stirring up this conversation and what (he thinks) Jesus meant when He talked about hell.

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As Brian shared before, “Yes, sin has consequences, and sometimes they are truly horrible consequences. But the deeper truth is that we are more punished by our sins than for our sins. Jesus has made this known to us. Jesus tells us that the Father is kind and merciful…even to the evil and ungrateful (see Luke 6:35–36).”

“What I want to tell you is that God’s attitude (spirit) toward you is one of unwavering, unconditional, fatherly/motherly love. You have nothing to fear from God. Let the fear of God be understood as the wisdom which recognizes that reality as God has created it has consequences. But the truth that we live in a consequential universe with a moral arc, does not mean that God views sinners as loathsome spiders. He does not. God looks with unconditional love upon all his sons and daughters…even his prodigal sons and daughters.”

This is good news.

This is the gospel.

Let’s preach it.

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