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I was told I would find a man of peace who would help me achieve God’s dream. And on my next trip to South America, a man of peace walked in to say hi. His name is Mark Burgess. Together with his family he leads a church community called Oikos. Mark moved to Peru from England to love and serve the people of Peru.

Now, together with an incredible group of peace-makers we are in one of the poorest areas in South America, and have created a place of safety. Casa de Paz (Home of Peace) is a building with running water, computers and healthy meals that currently serves 18 children with room for more. These children have access to showers, tutors in English, warm meals, and most importantly a community that believes in them.

Casa De Paz in not a place for simple hand-outs; it’s a training ground for mighty, future leaders. We believe that each child has the ability to become the solution to the widespread issues within the place they call home. Each child is a champion that can, if given the personal investment of hope, grace, and love… rise above their circumstances and live a full and joy-filled life.

Every single item you purchase at TheHappyGivers.com helps us support, visit, feed and empower these children of Pacifico. And with your help, we will reach every child in the slums of Lima.