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Christianity is changing.


I’m not talking about Faith and the Good News. That started with Jesus and remains.

I’m talking about our interpretation, and in turn, our manifestation of it.

So as part of the body of Christ, I decided to write this list for us. Most of the ones that made it have already been talked and discussed among my young Christian friends.

Can we agree on at least 10 of these?

The 47 Most Important Resolutions For Christian Millennials:

1. Talk to people with disabilities. Learn from them, hear their requests for accessibility. Celebrate their presence and contribution.

2. If a church pays for the pastor’s new iPhone, it can pay also for a single mother’s babysitter.

3. Stop creating bubbles of ministry where people forget to be normal human beings. And stop speaking Christian-ese. #PTL

4. Come to Puerto Rico to restore houses with our non-profit (but don’t go back to your churches and ignore the Puerto Rican next door).

5. Stop waving the Israel flag in church. And learn once and for all that the God of Israel loves the Palestinians and the Muslims and the Mexican.

6. Finish the conference era. And when we do have an event, do it for the sake of the people in the crowd not the people on the stage.

7. Welcome the LGBTQ crowd into our churches in exactly the same manner that Jesus would welcome everyone. Exactly the same.

8. Figure out how to do even fewer announcements on Sunday morning (Share more honest stories and hopeful testimonies).

9. Serve the poor without having to make a video every time, about how much we serve the poor (and when you do a video, don’t use them as props for sadness but as teachers and over-comers).

10. Start churches that don’t depend on people leaving other churches.

* Actually, figure out first if there is a local church that is following Jesus and figure out how to work together. 

11. Embrace the “hip and cool” pastors as much as we embrace the “orthodox and wise” (and vice versa).

12. Make WAY more room for women in ministry, leadership, and every single area of influence (inside the church and outside the church).

13. When a leader falls in sin, realize that we all fall into sin, so be as merciful as possible. 

14. When a leader falls into sin, realize that they need healing, counseling, therapy, and lots of accountability. If a crime was committed, report it immediately! We shouldn’t shove whatever they did under the rug.

Never, ever, ever, ever, ever.


15. Do less business, but more family. Have less contracts, but more covenants.

16. Turn a few mega-churches into mega homeless shelters.

17. Stop gathering around the name of Jesus without following the ways of Jesus. Feed the hungry. Clothe the naked. Welcome the stranger.

18.  Train good actors for Christian movies. Or just stop doing “Christian movies” all-together. Or do good movies but stop pandering to the Christian crowd. 

19. Release people into leadership by actually letting them be leaders. As oppose to telling them they are in” leadership” but not letting them lead anything. 

20. Trust the Holy Spirit to pastor people. (Read more on getting free from manipulation and control)

21. Stop writing posts about what the church should be doing… and do it yourself already. #SelfAwareness #PrayersAppreciated #JesusHelpCarlos

22. Love people who voted for Donald Trump.

23. Love people who voted for Hillary Clinton.

24. Be honest about how pro-life we are.

Pro-babies? Pro-immigrants? Pro-refugees? Pro-the-man-on-death-row-right-now?

25. Talk about sex openly and intentionally… the good the bad and the ugly (but mostly the good).

26. Be aware of your privilege. Ask questions. Stop pretending you know everything. Learn from those you assume should be learning from you.

27. Visit prisoners. And keep visiting. #Matthew25

28. Read the Bible to encounter God NOT to tell people how much you read the Bible. + Don’t use the Bible to support your narratives of hate, violence, homophobia and/or misogyny.

29. When you pray out loud in a circle, don’t preach your theology while you’re “praying”… Actually talk to God, and share with others in the conversation.

30. Stop saying you want more community while “investing” 10 hours a day in the fake communities of social media.

31. Don’t worship the worship musicians.

32. Teach people to get out of debt, as oppose to asking them to trust God by giving extravagant offerings using their credit cards (which gets them into debt).

33. Don’t be a jerk towards #BlackLivesMatter and/or Syrian Refugees. These are human issues. Human lives are affected. Love humans more. Stand for the oppressed!

34. Stop pretending like there is no racism in your churches. Look around and ask: How many colors, culture, nationalities am I actually engaging on a weekly basis? And how much platform do they get?

35. Be more in-tune with the Gospel of Jesus Christ than with the American constitution.

36. Stop talking about the blood moons… Forever.

37. Pray for ISIS.

38. Be OK with sharing stories “out of brokenness” as oppose to “out of victory.”

39. Don’t have long meetings to pretend that you’re more spiritual.

40. Don’t have short meetings to pretend that you’re more relevant.

41. Also, end the prosperity gospel.

42. Then, stop demonizing those in the prosperity gospel. (Or anybody else in the Body of Christ.)

43. Figure out how to do 41 and 42 at the same time, honestly and honorably.

44. Learn from Jewish Rabbis. Love the Jewish people. Reject anti-semitism with passion in your bones (And if anyone ever denies the Holocaust in your church… run!).

45. Keep growing friendships between Methodists, Souther Baptists, Catholics and Charismatics (and everyone else in the fam).

46. Honor your elders. Honor your elders. Honor your elders.

47. Love people where they’re at… not where they should be (INCLUDING: everyone who fails in this list)

Like me.