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Smartphones are so useful and helpful. They make life so much easier. I love their cool designs and shiny features. It makes me feel both hip and connected.

But life is what happens to us while we’re looking at our smartphones. And to help you find good reasons to put it down (or even turn it off so the battery lasts longer and you can use it more later), here’s why you should consider putting down your smartphone:

1. Because it’s covered in poo:

Time magazine asked a group of scientists from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, “what’s on people’s smartphones?” Their answer – “Probably fecal matter.” Take it in people, they said poo – on your phone. And if you don’t believe their study because they are British (I have my doubts also), this is a quote by the HML lab in Chicago after doing a similar study, “every single one of the smartphones examined showed abnormally high numbers of coliforms, a bacteria indicating fecal contamination.” Again, poo. So before you finish reading this list, get either a Clorox wipe or hand sanitizer (I prefer to use both at the same time) and give your precious phone the Ebola treatment.

2. Because when you go to a restaurant you judge other couples who are sitting in front of each other while using their smart phone and then 20 minutes later you end up doing the same thing

(but you have a legitimate reason, right?) Researchers from the University of Essex found that people who engaged in personal discussions when a cell phone was nearby — even if neither was actually using it — reported lower relationship quality and less trust for their partner. They also felt their partner was less empathetic to their concerns. So, turn up your marriage by turning off the phone. (The wife is right, again)

3. Because your kids are talking to you and you don’t even realise that you are ignoring them:

Need I say more? (Sorry Alejandro and Sebastián)

4. Because you are actually addicted to it

(I know you think you’re not, but that’s the first sign of a true addict, denial) Ok, ok, addiction is a big word but, smartphones allow us to seek rewards (videos, Twitter feeds, news updates, emails) anytime and anywhere. I don’t know about you but it’s like I’m looking for good news, a story about me, something to make me feel better, special, important – OMG I’m addicted to approval! (and my iPhone) #help

5. Because, when’s the last time you looked up.

Like to the clouds… and figured out what animal shapes they look like? Or when’s the last time you looked at the moon and the night-sky and saw a shooting star go by? (and please don’t Google “star images” or “cloud patterns”) Get out there. Breath some fresh air. Listen to the birds singing. Pay attention to God’s creative design. And for goodness gracious don’t Instagram it.

6. Because you might DIE!

(or worse, you might kill someone) Sorry for being dramatic but seriously, when you text and drive you actually become more dangerous than a drunk driver! And the worse part about it is that I KNOW it’s wrong. But I’m so used to responding as soon as anything arrives (email, call, text, the Groupon deal I can’t say no to) that I catch myself at least 5 times a day being the very driver I hate! #seriouslyIneedhelp

7. Because it’s making you dumber.

I used to remember phone numbers. I used to remember my next appointment. I used to love to look at maps and figure out how to get to places. I used to care about correctin my speling and using my intelect to learned. But my brain likes being lazy. So now I forget everything. Even when I’m in the midd

8. Because you will sleep better.

No more middle of the night vibrating shenanigans. No more losing 4 hours of sleep because you spent 2 hours looking for the right quote/picture/link to tweet. No more going through your news feed as soon as you open your eyes (and actually getting annoyed because it’s hard to read) It’s time to sleep. To sleep well and to wake up to eat a proper breakfast, old school! You need your rest, and so does your phone. (If you won’t do it for yourself, do it for him)

9. Because it makes you rude.

At least 3 times a month I pretend I’m asleep in the room just so I can spend a morning in bed with my phone. At least once a week I chat with a friend, and in the middle of their most important talking point, I look at my phone and lose eye contact.  At least once a day my wife will ask, “Did you hear what I said?” and I will nod like a moron and beg Jesus for revelation (because I know He’s always listening)  My smartphone is turning me into a jerk! And maybe that was Steve Jobs’ plan all along, to turn us into him! Very capable at work but unbearable to others. (Read his biography and you will understand: Steve Jobs by Walter Issacson)

So it’s time to be free. Even if it’s just 15 minutes a day. Prove to yourself that you can live without it. And if you can’t, then you are definitely a #4.

So apart from poo, here are my 9 other reasons to put down your smartphone. Do you have any other reason we should know about? Share them with us in the comments below and help us live a Happy Sonship. (Yes, you can do it from your smartphone, we won’t judge!)