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Dear husbands: I suggest we stop being so lethargic.

We need to step it up. I love you my brothers but our wives are too incredible to take for granted (and I pray to Jesus mine is reading this).

But honestly, this is probably the greatest investment of time, money and energy. And to prove how important dates night are, here are the 15 reasons you need to have them on a weekly basis:  

  1. Because it will be almost impossible to do it every week so aiming for every week guarantees you do it at least twice a month.
  2. Because if you do end up doing it every week you realize how much fun it is and want to do it more.
  3. Because you can be creative and do things that are different and fun, like put-put golf or go-carting or a theater play (Or an NBA playoff game… if you behave).
  4. Because you don’t have to go expensive to make it special. Sometimes the most familiar place (at the cheapest rate) works great. #Phew
  5. Because your sex life will improve and all your insides will be forever grateful.
  6. Because it has been proven (scientifically) to improve your communication and connection.
  7. Because you will get a night away from (the kids, the computer, the laundry) and you will feel free and relaxed (and I know you love all 3).
  8. Because the Bible tells us to love our wives as Christ love the church and he gave his life for her… so, that means to go on a weekly date night.
  9. Because you get to go to the movie they want to watch (and they will think you are the coolest husband ever).
  10. Because it’s in the Bible somewhere.
  11. Because when you connect consistently and intentionally, you develop trust and longevity. You tell each other, “you matter more than anything else!” And you do that week in and week out.
  12. Because you can try crazy food from different places and discuss your travels plans for 2017. And hopefully make them happen.
  13. Because it’s fun to ask your partner about their dreams and desires and the time they were the most embarrassed.
  14. Because if you make it a priority to connect on a weekly date night, you will find yourselves naturally connecting more when it’s out of the schedule.
  15. Because you will make a bit of an effort to look and feel good and that will make you look and feel good.

Brother, I could give you 15 more reasons. Like the fact that weekly date night saved my marriage from divorce (and also from routine).

But these should be enough for now. Text your lady in the next 10 minutes and tell her you have 3 dates planned for the next three weeks.

I guarantee you, something great will happen.

Or I will return the last 3 minutes back to you.


A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.

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