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A pastor who is facing deportation.

A mother who is having to attend to both the family and the church.

A DACA recipient who fears for his future.

And two sons who feel the pain (and the uncertainty of separation).

This is the story of the Chicas family. And it is a necessary reminder of how a political conversation can affect actual human lives. Listen to this interview which was recorded inside the sanctuary where the father lives in. I talked to all 5 members of the family because I wanted us to have access to their journey.

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This week, it’s the Chicas family. They are humble believers who are asking us to at least consider their point of view. Of course, there are many important sides to this conversation, but this is theirs.

Listen the audio above and let me know what you think.


+ You can also listen to my interview with Pastor Alex Vaiz called, “Illegal Immigrants? An in-depth conversation of the theology of hospitality, proximity and loving the undocumented.