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Don Milam

donmilam-1Don Milam was a pastor for ten years in Pennsylvania. He has 22 years of experience in the publishing industry and has helped thousands of authors to make their publishing dreams come true, including many best-selling authors. For 19 years he worked with Destiny Image Publishers where he was VP, head of Acquisitions Department, and for the last 3 years has worked at Whitaker House Publishers as Chief Acquisitions Consultant.

Don is the author of The Lost Passions of Jesus and The Ancient Language of Eden.

Don says, “Over the years I have assisted and helped many authors in the writing and publishing process.”

Bill Johnson:  I was involved with Bill in the review and publishing of his first book, When Heaven Invades Earth.  Over the years I have helped him publish 7 books. I pitched the idea for his book Defining Moments and assisted in the oversight and publishing of that book.

James Goll: I helped James get his first book, The Lost Art of Intercession, in 1998.  During the years we worked together I have assisted James in publishing 10 books, including his best seller, The Seer.

Tommy Tenney: I worked with Tommy on his million book seller, The God Chasers, as well as assisting him on four other books.

Myles Munroe:  I worked with Myles since 1995, helping him on every book he has written for Destiny Image. My greatest joy was working with him on the release of his books on the Kingdom.

Jack Taylor:  I recently work with Jack Taylor on his soon to be released book, The Cosmic Initiative.  I spent hours at Jack’s home during the process, examining every chapter.

I have recently done publishing and consulting work of Mark Chironna, Leif Hetland, Randall Worley, Trista Frost, Randy White and others.


What He Offers To You:

1. The Ready-to-Write Consult

Anxious to pick up your writing but don’t have a clue where to begin? Stalled in a particular project or chronically unhappy with your writing process? Talk to me about your goals and challenges and I’ll give you some tailored, just-for-you writing coaching about how to save time, stay focused and keep writer’s block at bay. This one-hour phone or Skype consult is entirely one-on-one.

Cost: $199

2. Book Proposal Evaluation & Preparation

I will read your proposal, chapter outlines, and two sample chapters and make notations on your proposal about ways to strengthen it. I analyze whether you have uncovered the primary competitive books, including doing online research to verify the competition. I assess whether you have adequately documented the audience for your book, including online research; and I offer additional thoughts, ideas, and recommendations.

Cost: $110/hour, minimum of two hours.

3. Publishing Coach

As your publishing coach, I provide clear navigation in the world of publishing, including agents, traditional publishing, and self-publishing. I will help you decide whether to pursue traditional or self-publishing (or both) based on your needs, goals, and personality style. If you’re writing in several different genres, we will determine which to focus on, which is most likely to sell, and how to approach agents or publishers. We will craft compelling query letters, proposals, sell-copy, and synopses of your work.

Cost: $550 for 3 one-hour phone or Skype consults. Plus email exchange.

* Custom plans are available.

If you’d like to create your own plan, let’s talk about it.

Email: donmilam@gmail.com
Skype: donmilam


“I wish to thank my friend, Don Milam, who continues to place demand on my untapped potential and to believe in my content to the point that he believes I am a walking library of unwritten books.  You have been my excellent editorial advisor and guide in developing this manuscript. You are an author’s dream and a gift to many who will read this book.  Thank you for pursuing me to get this done.”

Myles Munroe

Acknowledgment, Rediscovering the Kingdom

Best-selling author, Ambassador to the World, Entrepreneur, Musician, Gifted speaker and loved by many.


“I live with a personal indebtedness to Don Milam for the role he has played in my life as a writer. He was there at the beginning, willing to take a risk on me, giving me encouragement and counsel in the writing process. He understands what is required for success both from the perspective of a writer and a publisher, as he has served both roles quite well. He is a deep well of information for the novice and the pro, alike. I highly endorse my friend Don Milam.”

Bill Johnson

Senior Pastor, Bethel Church

Best Selling Author of When Heaven Invades Earth


“Don is an expert in the field of publishing and has a knack for finding great authors.” 

Scott Spiewak

CEO, Fresh Impact Public Relations Group


Watch Don share his incredible story from missionary to prisoner to pastor to writing guru: