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You Have Issues With Paul?

I had a few. And that’s why I interviewed Douglas Campbell. A theological giant, who is a professor of New Testament at Duke Divinity and has studied the life and work of Paul for many years.

Douglas is a great friend who is vocal about the misrepresentations western Christianity has on the great Apostle. So here he is, setting the record straight on what Paul meant when he told women to shut up, when he sounded like a jerk and when he preached the wrath of God.

We talked about celebrity preachers, what it means to be a “tent-maker” and how Paul is a sort of like Stephen Colbert.

You might disagree with Douglas, but remember this is Drop The Stones. And also remember, he has a Ph.D. on this stuff.

Doctor Campbell’s main research interests comprise the life and thought (i.e. theology and its development) of Paul with particular reference to soteriological models rooted in apocalyptic as against justification or salvation-history. However, he is interested in contributions to Pauline analysis from modern literary theory, from modern theology, from epistolary theory, ancient rhetoric, ancient comparative religion, modern linguistics and semantic theory, and from sociology.


Here is Douglas’ work on Paul:

  1. Deliverance of God: An Apocalyptic Rereading of Justification in Paul
  2. Framing Paul: An Epistolary Biography
  3. Newest book: Paul: An Apostle’s Journey (Must Read)

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