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This is an honest (and difficult) conversation.

It’s not perfect, polished or even edited. It’s just what happens when a pastor from Puerto Rico interviews a gay christian from England.

Above we tackle things like,

  • Is being gay and Christian even possible? 
  • Can there be friendship when there’s legitimate disagreement about what the Bible says about homosexuality? 
  • How is the LGBTQ community being rejected by the church?

Some aspects were discuss, others were left out for future conversations… but if there’s one thing we can agree on, is that Jesus invites us all to sit at his table, and there… His grace can rule our relationships.

So the invitation is this, listen to understand… not to respond.

(But after you’re finished listening, feel free to send comments, questions, feedback to carlos@happysonship.com).

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As my friend Carl Medaris says, “Truth and Grace. A fine balancing act. No bumper sticker answers. No easy black and white responses to complicated questions involving real live human beings made in the image of God who are desperately seeking to find him.”


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