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Three years ago my wife had a dream that something significant would happen on October 1st. She woke up, wrote down the date on her journal and went about her day.

Months later she was going through her past writings and remembered the weight of that dream. As she read her own words and saw the date written, she knew that we needed to pay attention.

Me? I doubted.

But on October 1st I had my first online training on blogging.

Doesn’t sound significant does it? Not significant enough to merit a Nostradamus type prophetic dream given to my wife.

However, everything did change that day.

I spent two hours connected to a group of people who were interested in blogging. I mostly listened, took notes and began to dream. That very night I spent another four hours doing as I was told. Going through these steps recommenced by Dale Partridge and his team.

And ever since that day (almost every day) I have been writing, blogging, creating and making money while influencing others with the love of God.

Too good to be true?

Not for me.

I started to write about my relationship with my wife and kids. I started to share my journey of failure and healing in ministry. I shared my thoughts on current events and trending topics in culture. I wrote about my faith, my doubts, my church and adoption.

And now more than 3.9 million people have read my articles at HappySonship.com

Honestly, all I did was follow some easy suggestions.

And it all started October 1st.

Your Turn

This Blogging category at HappySonship.com is for people who want to do the same. It is here where I share the tools, mistakes, ideas and suggestions I gained for you this past year.

It is here where I give you a step by step guide to get your domain and hosting so you can have a killer blog/website. I also give you tips on writinggrowing your Facebook engagement and using the best tools to make money while blogging.

My audience is growing.

Now it’s your turn.

Make this your October 1st.

Here is step one: Start Your Christian Blog.

Then read all about How To Make Money With Your Blog and/or Website.