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1. The Combination of Farting & Children: Is there anything more hilarious (and honestly cute) than watching your kids fart and lose their minds laughing? And God made it so, that it happens at least 17 times day (if you’re healthy and regular). Yes, that is 17 opportunities to laugh hard as your body creates sounds that could only be explained by the fact that God has an incredible sense of humor.



2. Honeymoon Sex: Need I say more? (Yes I could: Read it here)

Young couple in bed


3. Amazon Now: I know it’s a man-made invention, but it was God who gave us the brains to come up with literally the greatest thing ever. The other week I ordered eggs, milk, bread and new guitar strings, while in my PJ’s (during a Netflix marathon) and it all arrived in 45 minutes. The is not a plug for Amazon Now, this is a legitimate recognition of God’s awesomeness thanks to the creation of Amazon Now.


4. Kinda-Old Bananas: Seriously guys. They are ridiculously healthy and ridiculously sweet. Go spotty for glory (and add a big glass of full fat chocolate milk).



5. Chilean Red Wine: Yes, there is Scripture that proves that this is actually a Biblical-Fact which proves God’s awesomeness, but it sounds so un-bliblical that I added it to the list. The fruit of the vine is a glorious way to finish the week, which is also good for that heart, and represents the blood of Jesus which is good for the soul (and the heart also, and the body, and eternity etc. etc. etc.)

Go, eat your food with gladness, and drink your wine with a joyful heart, for God has already approved what you do. Ecclesiastes 9:7

Read more about Jesus the Wine Drinker.

Red Wine


6. Supermarket Flowers: “Thank you God for creating something so nice smelling and so good at making my wife smile. You’re awesome.” (And thank you Food Lion for keeping your roses at a reasonable price).



7. Stand Up Comedians: I know some are overly dirty. Others, intentionally offensive. But there is something glorious about a human being standing in front of a crowd, loaded with just jokes and charisma that proves how awesome God is.



8. The Beach: I know some of you are “mountain people” but think about the beach. You can relax, you can get a tan, you can get a foot scrub, you can drink a cold one, you can build a sand castle, you can see pretty fish and you can wear a speedo in public (but please don’t). #EuropeansNeedJesus

Happy couple on the beach of sea


9. The Comment Section Of This Blog: Yes. I love it (well, most of the time). It proves the diversity of people in God’s Kingdom. And if you see the criticisms through eyes of love, it’s like a beautiful canvas displaying the intensity of human opinion.

* Love ya too divotdove

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 3.31.59 PM


10. Memes: Is there anything more hilarious than a hilarious meme? (See the best 14 here)

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 10.41.05 PM


11. Well Though Out Compliments: I love giving them and I LOVE receiving them. “You’re great” is nice to hear, but when someone says, “I love how you share stories when you preach. I feel entertained and inspired. Plus, I love your new shoes.” Now that is a compliment (And God is awesome as doing the same thing).



12Most Things Japanese: Sushi. My friend Yuki. The Sony Walkman. Mario Bros. The greatest prank videos. The Last Samurai… God is awesome for making people who are so efficient, stylish and hilarious.

crowd closeup


13. The Spanish Language: It’s obviously God’s language of choice. You can feel his presence when someone prays in Spanish. You feel sexier when you speak in Spanish. It’s impossible not to smile, when you sing a song in Spanish. Go ahead, try all three.



14. Most Bob Marley Songs: Good vibes. Good moods. Good God. Start singing one.



15. Siesta Time: It’s not just that God created them, it’s that He Himself had them. Jesus took a nap so hard on a boat one time, that not even a life-threating storm could interrupt it. Nap time is a requirement in my family – a Godly, necessary, it helps us love better, kind of requirement. #Sabbath



16. My Wife’s Massages: She’s a trained Physical Therapist with hands of steel and lots of love for me. All of that is awesome and God-given. And if you’re reading this my darling, I’m ready for one 🙂



17. Chocolate (Actually, triple chocolate fudge brownie). Warm. Fresh. At 9:30 in the morning. #BreakfastOfChampions



18. Those 3 seconds in between Netflix Episodes, when you look at your wife and she says: Just one more. Yeah. In that moment. I know God is beyond awesome.



19. Your very own home toilet. It is one of the most relaxing, safest, glorious spaces for a human being. It’s a place for inspiration, ideas, email replies and prayer.



20. Photobombs: Nothing more satisfying than interrupting someones desire for a perfect picture than with a glorious photobomb. Because God is anti-vanity, but pro-hilarity.

* Good job Giraffe!



21. This ridiculously awesome lady:

* What are the simple things about your life that bring you pleasure? Let me know in the comment section.