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Every Wednesday morning, I spend 2 hours in a federal prison. It’s quality time with 30 men who are embracing restoration. Our hope is to get them ready for life outside these walls, even if their sentences are 20 years and more.

How do we do that? Well, we start by reconciling families. Most of these offenders are fathers, husbands and sons. We plan quarterly events where their sons and daughters come to be embraced by them. During our weekly workshops, we learn about forgiveness, feet washing and making amends. When their children come to visit, we apply them in action. The same thing happens with their wives, parents, and lost siblings. It’s all about seeing the work of Christ shine in the dark places. Inside Hope is liberating families from the cycle of hate, crime, and releasing them into reconciliation and joy.

Your donations (via purchasing at TheHappyGivers.com) are helping us to have consistent workshops, and is empowering our team to do more events and assist more families.

In the next 12 months, we plan on sending out an army of hope-bearers into prisons all over the state of North Carolina to do the following: continuous workshops filled with practical assistance, spiritual guidance, and an invasion of the Grace of God and reconciliation events amongst families consistency of a forgiveness message, feet washing and making amends, and other fun bonding activities. Much of this work is inspired by our personal connection with Proverbs226 and Puents (Bridges) Ministry, which are both active in and throughout maximum and medium security prisons all over North Carolina and elsewhere. Your apparel purchases and donations help to put on these workshops in an excellent manor.