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“Fearless love looks like this: I don’t care what you think of me, there is a God in heaven who loves you so much that you won’t care who I am; by the time you meet Him.” -Shawn Bolz
He’s super accurate in the prophetic. He’s a cool dude who (over) loves coffee. And he’s on a mission to convince you and me, that we can change the world
Shawn’s passion is to influence Christians to take on their journey of intimacy with God wholeheartedly. He has a burning heart to see the entertainment industry and the creative arts come into revival. He has been influencing believers who are in the performing arts for many years.
I reached out to Shawn and he gave me great and honest answers to a couple of questions.

1. New President is being sworn in, you get invited to do the opening prayer (and prophesy for 2 minutes) Go:

My prayer for you is that you see God’s original intention on why he created this country and that you help us to come into alignment with that awesome purpose that he spent millions of years thinking about. We are supposed to be a thriving, successful country and I pray that you will be a connector of God’s heart and plan to our nation. I pray that his priorities would be yours and that you wouldn’t be distracted as a million agenda’s come your way but that you would have wisdom and intelligence and spiritual knowledge of what God is desiring. I pray that you would feel like a Father/Mother of our country not just a leader and that as you father through office that God would protect your family. Something like that anyway.

2. Can you tell me about the ideal church?

I think it is just a place where love is truly the most valued commodity. One of the hardest parts of building community is it becomes about missions and mandates not about relationship to Jesus and each other. I think in a place where love is valued you can set all kinds of boundaries to protect it instead of rules to define it. The ideal church to me would look like an activation center where the majority of people are doing something empowered and everyone is helping to do the tasks it takes to run the thing. We are building towards this but many times tradition or even a mindset of what church should be gets in the way.

3. You’re sitting in front of a lesbian friend who’s inviting you to her wedding, “Shawn, can you do the final prayer at the end?”… You say?

If this is one of my best friends I would have already had the convo that I will come to be there for her most important day of her life and love on her, but I wouldn’t participate with the ceremony itself just because I value her but define marriage differently than she does. She would have already felt my love and we wouldn’t have an awkward challenging moment. The end… I hope.

4. How do you balance church/family/life? 

I have a lot of value for each of these areas but family always takes number one. I waited later in life to get married and have kids so I already had 20 years of ministry under my belt. I am so excited about my family that everything else is a far away number 2. But, I am a producer, meaning I make a lot of things happen and perform at a pretty good capacity so I think my balance is knowing what my 4-5 priorities are in the ministry and knowing that to say yes to family, then to these things, I have to say no to a lot. That is my balance, my yes equals about 1000 no’s and I don’t feel bad saying no when I am happy with serving my yes.

5. Your thoughts on how Kingdom people can reach Hollywood? 

I think Daniel and Joseph are the paradigm. Come make great art or serve others who are doing it. Don’t Christianize anything just come be an awesome contributor and servant. We don’t have to be the top dogs we get to be influences and lovers.

Here’s Shawn with Mel Gibson.

6. What has been your biggest struggle in ministry?

Probably being over ambitious. I want to do humanitarian missions, I want to see the entertainment industry have a great big adoption party by the church, I want to reform the prophetic and supernatural movement, I want to help redefine family values and Christian leadership. My struggle is being at peace as a reformer/builder with what I can not do and celebrating what one life can do.

7. How much does the church need to get involved with the abortion issue? (if no, why? – if yes, how?)

Abortion is a fruit of our dysfunctional family system. Of course we can vote and educate but I think we need to model what healthy family looks like and begin to take care of the 390k+ kids in foster care, model healthy marriage that has process of therapy, life skills and love, show what raising kids should look like in the midst of a stressed out world. If we go after family abortion will be a small percentage of our focus but will be forever changed. I think the next revival will be a model of healthy family as God works on us all.

8. What video games are you playing these days?

I feel like I will get judged for some that I play because there are barely any PG games. I am playing Fallout Vegas to prepare for Fallout 4, and also Call of Duty, stuck on Zombies.

9. Do you have any thoughts on how we can help break the racial divide in our nation? 

Stop convincing ourselves that we aren’t part of the problem and start looking for solutions. Some of my best friends really are other races, like Jona from Guatemala has been my besty for 15+ years or my old roommate who is one of the men I admire the most who is black. He used to get pulled over in our neighborhood all the time. I was pulled over once for good reason. As a Christian leader I have a responsibility to advocate for human and civil rights without pretending everything is really awesome because we have a black president. I have to get educated on what it is to not be a white American male. It is hard when you look at the realities everyone else is faced with but there are so many arguments that it’s so convoluted. I just try to love the friends around me and really empathize with their culture, struggle, and passions.

10. Can you tell us prophetically if the new Star Wars is going to rock it or bomb it?

It is going to Rock it in a major way. The force is strong with it I can tell.  Plus there is no Jar Jar so we are safe.

11. Who are your biggest influences?

My Dad and Mom. They discipled me and created a passion for Jesus and life in me. My mom taught me how to love people and my dad taught me how to love being a man. Then my wife, she really is amazing. She knows how to do relationships with such healthy boundaries. Then Bill Johnson, the pastor of Bethel in Redding California because he is uber successful but genuinely models a healthy family and life. Also Aaron Spelling because he created so many genre’s of entertainment and I want to create like him. I know most people don’t like half of his stuff, but he created reality TV with Real world, the teen shows like 90210, and so many others that influenced the youth culture. I want to do that but with right heart culture.

12. What do you want people to say about you at your funeral? 

That I loved everyone well and that everyone will think I was there best friend because I tell everyone I am close to that they are my best one. They are all going to get together and hear from each other and realized I loved them all the same and they will be confused. I hope I leave a huge legacy to Christians pursuing the entertainment industry of entertainment intelligence and love for that sphere of the world.

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And read his superb books: The Throne Room Company and Translating God.