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“The world won’t read the Bible, they will read you.”

Jennifer Garner’s perspective is now different. She saw the beauty, strength and faith of a Christian family… and everything changed. Because sometimes the greatest testimony is to tell people you’re a Christian, and then not be a jerk.

And it work with those in Hollywood, those in the poorest areas of our nation, and everyone in between.

Relevant Magazine wrote, “Actress Jennifer Garner is starring in an upcoming movie called Miracles from Heaven. The film is based on the true story of the Beam family who had to lean on their faith during their daughter’s near-death experience and her long battle with a chronic digestive disease.”

Garner, who plays Christy Beam, the mother of the young girl, got a lot more out of the experience than just a good movie. While on the road promoting the film, she stopped by Bishop T.D. Jakes’ church to attend Sunday service and spoke about the life-changing impact the movie has played in her personal life.

“I fell so in love with this family, I fell so in love with their love for each other. I fell so in love with their faith. It was a transformative experience to play this woman right here, she made me stronger,” Garner said about playing Christy.

She hasn’t openly spoken about her faith in the past, a fact she attributes to her community in Los Angeles. “[Faith] is a topic that has become very political. If you’re a person of faith, you are so on the outside, that there’s no way to bridge to somebody that’s ‘normal’,” she shared during a Q&A in Dallas.

The actress noted that the normal posture of the industry doesn’t include talking about faith in between takes, but this movie was very different in that respect. A fact that she says had an impact on her family: “I will say that being around this community, and while I’ve always gone to church in West Virginia, that when I got back to Los Angeles, I was talking to my kids about the movie and they said, ‘Mom you don’t take us to church,’ and we went that Sunday, and they went today without me. That decision was a direct gift from this movie and for that I’m very grateful.

After her very public divorce with Ben Affleck, she spoke on healing her heart by writing poetry and punching people: “When the earth shakes, you go to what you know from childhood. All of a sudden, I’m sitting down at the piano. I went back to church. I sat down and wrote bad poetry all day because I was so sad. I needed a dance class; it reminded me of my fight scenes [in Alias] and how I missed that. I feel the need to be physical and I feel the need to punch someone. You know what I look forward to? I look forward to getting past the pity stage. I look forward to just having a sense of humor.”

Garner decided to be in this faith-film as soon as she read Beam’s best-selling memoir, the movie’s inspiration. “I stayed awake all night after reading Miracles from Heaven,” Garner told People magazine last year. “There was something about this family, this mother and daughter, and this telling of the story that I felt I just had to be a part of.”

And today, Beam’s real-life 13-year-old daughter Annabel, is completely healed and is taking zero meds. The incredible young lady shared her experience and said,

“I believe that I was cured because … I asked Jesus if I could stay with him, and he said, ‘No, Annabel, I have plans for you on Earth that you cannot fulfill in heaven … Whenever I send you back, there will be nothing wrong with you.”

Never forget the power of trusting God in the middle of your greatest storm. Your painful story will become an invitation to those who don’t know His goodness. You are not required to be perfect through it all, just trust, wait, and see His grace change your life (and the life of those who see your journey).

As the famous quote goes, “Only God can turn mess into a message, a test into a testimony, a trial into a triumph, a victim into a victory.”

Miracles from Heaven will be in the theaters just before Easter, on March 16. The film also stars big names Queen Latifah and Martin Henderson (Everest).



“And let us continue to consider how to motivate one another to love and good deeds, not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another even more as you see the day of the Lord coming nearer.” Hebrew 10:24-25

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