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Love Unshakable. New Single by Mark and Sarah Tillman
94%Overall Score
Originality 87%
Catchiness 99%
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IMG_3893From Mark and Sarah: “This song came to us in a very hard season of our lives. It became a life-line of hope thrown to my weary and tired soul. At the time we were facing big disappointment after more blowing disappointment and it left me ridden with intense anxiety and depression. I remember waking up in the middle of the night with panic attacks and could barely leave the house in fear of having more painful episodes. I felt I was losing the joy I once knew so deeply and I felt I was losing all my hope as fear began to cripple me daily, both physically and emotionally. This song became my anthem that the Holy Spirit so lovingly whispered into our hearts. It reeled me out of the dark valleys and left me standing in the open and clear mountaintops of praise. I hope that this song does the same for you in whatever valleys you’re facing, that you’d be able to find your mountain tops of hope with him and sing of his unexplainable goodness.”

Our Thoughts: I won’t lie to you. Mark and Sarah are my personal friends. Like really good friends. I love them, support them and sing with them. However, it is an awesome thing to watch your friends follow their dreams and properly come out with a sensational product. And this song is sensational.

I am proud to promote Love Unshakable. Proud to promote my friends. Because their style, their worship and their hearts are a reminder to us of the authenticity of love.

And hopefully this review will put me in the lead to be the Godfather of their baby boy Echo Kye.

GET THE ITUNES VERSION HERE and sing your heart out with us. It will be the best 99c investment you will make.

Learn more at: www.markandsarahtillman.com