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This is doable.

Actually, it’s kind of easy.

You can Make Money With Your Blog and/or your website. It takes work; but if you’re ready to work for it, then creating wealth with your platform is just a few steps in the making.

(If you haven’t started your successful blog yet, then go to: Easy Steps To Start Your Christian Blog.)

First you have to understand that there is no single way to monetize blogs. You can find hundreds of articles on the different ways to do it. However, I will give you the 6 steps that I’m using myself… because they are working for me:

1. Ads:

We hate them when we visit other sites. But we love them on our own. The key is to find the right balance for you. For example, we do zero ads on this website, every “ad” you see is an affiliate (more on that in step 3). But if you go to many other blogs you will see a variety of ads (and you might not even notice them anymore).

  1. Google Ads: This is where most bloggers start. You get paid anytime someone clicks on an ad (CPC). Now, you can’t rely on this to make great money, but depending on your traffic, you could start making a few bucks as soon you install. MORE TIPS
  2. Monumetric.com: This is what I use now. This guys do great customer service. They work for you (and with you) to offer you a variety of earning opportunities. My first month with them I made over a thousand dollars. But to be honest with you, that is because my traffic was increasing dramatically, and that is where you win with a company like this, with high traffic. It’s a Cost per Mile advertising (CPM). MORE INFO.

Other ad service options:

2. Advertising Space:

You can monetize your blog by selling space on your website for advertisers to display a banner. Generally these deals are worked out so that you display an ad for a fixed amount of time for an agreed fee with an advertiser. The downside of this method is that you need to commit time to manage the whole process with the advertiser and that your site needs to have a lot of traffic to be considered by advertisers.

You can start by promoting with business that already know you and trust you. I recently started this and can already see the benefit of cutting out the middle man and having more control on what goes into my sites.

3. Affiliate Marketing:

I personally use Amazon Affiliates and make most of my money by promoting books that I read and love. I have also connected with different companies that I already utilize for my blogs and I promote their products. I can make money by giving you the tools that helped me make money.


With this type of advertising, you can get a commission with sales that come from your recommendation. You refer the audience from your site via recommendations, banner ads, text link ads, etc., which takes them to the product page. If they buy, then you get a commission. This is often worked out on a percentage of the sale price, maybe 10-20%, sometimes more (I’ve seen products offer 75% commission) depending on the individual product.

Check out these websites that have links to loads of affiliates:

4. Sell your products:

Every blogger should have a store. Because a store is a great tool for extra income. I sell books and audio downloads in mine. And Shopify is the best option on the market. Period. It’s incredibly easy to use, you can accept credit cards on the spot, and they have hundreds of plug-n-play templates to make your store look professional.

Then you can sell books, stickers, clothes, art, etc. The opportunities are endless. And your product is worth it.

5. Sponsored Posts

This tip comes from AmyLynnAndrews.com: Writing a sponsored post means you work with a company and write a post about their product or service. Be upfront and disclose your relationship to your readers.

Keep sponsored posts to a minimum so you don’t turn off readers. If you read blogs, you’ve probably seen sponsored posts. They can be spotted by the disclosure stating something like, “This post was sponsored by [company] but all opinions are mine.”

I tell you what she said because I have not tried this yet. But I’m working on it. #AlmostDone

6. Sell yourself:

That sounds a bit weird but the reality is that your blog will open up doors for speaking and consulting opportunities. I do the same here. HappySonship.com has open up multiple doors for speaking engagements and writing gigs. Here at YourChristianBlog.com I invite people to Work With Me, which is a great way to do consulting work with other bloggers and itinerant speakers. It is quickly becoming my favorite way to monetize my blogs. I am currently helping a number of people do incredible things and I get to help them NOT make the same mistakes I did, so they get to the fun parts quicker.

You have skills, talents and knowledge that the world needs. They are worth paying for it. Sell yourself.

There you go. The list that is creating wealth for me. Do you have any other ways? Share in the comments below on How To Make Money With Your Blog.


PS. If you want to start a successful blog, then read the very important: Easy Steps To Start Your Christian Blog.