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Frank Sinatra singing voice, “What a difference a day makes, 24 little hours”

My wife Catherine is off on an 8 day vacation and in day one of looking out for the kids by myself, I humbly acknowledge that she probably needs 8 more days weeks.

Trust me, I absolutely love our 2 boys, Alejandro and Sebastián. They are the perfect mix of Puertorican fun and British valour. Almost every week I take a full day to spend with them. And Oh it is always my favorite day!

But something feels different when you know you have to do it for 24 hours straight, 8 days in a row. Honestly, this captivity of love is terrifying!

I took them outside today for our first outing alone. The 3 boys taking over the world! I dressed them up to look like the cool kids they are… but now I understand why Catherine usually dresses them up like hobos. In less than 10 minutes out, they looked like they had joined Andy on his escape from Shawshank (and I felt like the frustrated warden who was incapable of containing them).

Somehow fresh dirt, dog poo and every particle of dust available in Raleigh had made contact with their skin and trendy clothes. My little hipsters had quickly become escaped convicts. I started to tell them off for eating the mud but then I realised that mud looks like chocolate, and they love chocolate (just like their mom does) and so I started to miss her. How does she do this every day?

Wake up as soon as they make a sound. Change their diapers, hug them, kiss them, get a movie on, serve breakfast, force them to eat breakfast, then more diaper change, potty training, a banana for yourself, “Boys stop fighting please” brush their teeth, put a wash on (because they both peed their bed) and look at the clock for the 30th time only to realise that they have been up for only 45 minutes. “Deep breath Carlos, T-minus 4 hours till nap time.”

They did nap eventually. Then I had a work meeting in the patio with dear friends. The monsters woke up, the meeting was done, they ran around, pretended to be Power Rangers, had dinner with their favorite uncle and auntie and then after watching Frozen for the 11th time, went off to bed.

So it was a good day today. They are both in bed right now, but most importantly, they are both alive. (Wait, let me go check again…)

Both alive. So I sit here more grateful than ever. Grateful that I have 2 precious boys that are healthy and wild. Grateful to have a wife that truly deserves 8 days off. And grateful for the reminder that this is what God has done for me every single day for 32 years.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll look less at the clock and more towards Him. He’s probably got the best ideas for what to do with dirt. I’ve read He’s good with that.

Off to do laundry. Mr. Mom Day 1, done!