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Sorry to be dramatic and grotesque but does my crotch have a target on it?  I have to ask, because every time I play rough with the boys it’s… “boom!” – “ouch!” –  and then a loud christian “&#%!@?!” – usually said in Spanish.

I’m telling you, it’s like 98.5% accuracy rate!

The problem is that after the incident, they both laugh about it. Then they mock my weakness. And then, full of excitement, continue to torture me. And I know this will sound weird but, it’s awesome! Such a manly moment between 3 guys named “Carlos” (which means manly king by the way).

And that’s the beauty of it all. Even in the worst amount of physical pain known to mankind*, if I can get a giggle out of them, I’m in heaven. My life’s mission is complete. I am satisfied and elated. Because to hear both Carlos Alejandro and Carlos Sebastián laugh their heads off… magic! And I know they look British, but man do they laugh like Puertoricans. Heads back, mouths wide open, and even finger-pointing. It makes the life altering pain, seem almost manageable.

I just can’t get enough of these 2 rascals! And I know that if you don’t have kids, then these stories, and the 4 thousand Instagrams post of them, get old quickly. It’s ok if it does. I happens to me seeing other people’s kids in all their Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest photos. But you will be there too. I really hope you do. Because there is no greater joy than to be a parent. Seriously. Nothing. Ever. I know now why God prefers the name Abba

Also, being home with the boys makes me want to be home with my dad. He used to be the one getting kicked in the loins. Now that I’m in my 30’s and he is in his 60’s, I wish for just one more kick! Not a “I want to hurt you for being blah-blah-blah” kick, but a “I’m sorry that happened but I’m so glad we are wrestling again” kind of a kick.

I know that I have been a total jerk at times. To my dad. To my wife. Even to my kids. But days like today remind me of who I truly am. A man who is broken but is still here. A son who is not perfect but is still available. A husband who needs more healing, but is crazy about his lady. A dad who is working really hard to gives his sons, more laughter than issues.

And if it takes a couple of kick in the balls. So be it.



ps. You can help bring some balance to our family. We are adopting a baby girl from Ethiopia and you can join us today. Give at: http://www.gofundme.com/d4e4uo

*I know ladies, giving birth is “the worst amount of physical pain known to mankind.” I just like to sound dramatic. Love ya.