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Our Opportunities

The social media age has created mass awareness. Unfortunately, most people use these platforms to share opinions but struggle to find solutions they want to participate in. Many of them want to invest in mission programs that bring lasting fruit to those in need and they are hungry to take action when the issues are trending on their feed.

Our Solutions

We offer simple ways for those who are moved by the pain of others to respond with strategic hope, simple actionable tasks, and with confidence that your donation is having maximum impact.

We strive to care for orphans, restore the incarcerated with their families, end extreme poverty, all while seeing communities transformed through our international partners. Our thriving social media platforms, and our transparent communication style has created the momentum that is inspiring our audience to give more and get involved.

Our three main projects (all currently active) are:

1. Casa de Paz (Children’s Home) – Financial and organizational support to host more than 18 children in the poorest area of Lima, Peru. Food, clean water, education and emotional support is provided in an environment of grace and empowerment.

2. Project Next (Adoption Support) – A generous fund to assist families who are in the journey of adoption in East Africa.

3. US and Latin America Relief (Disaster Response) – As we did after Hurricane Harvey affected Houston, and Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, we will have a fund and a team, ready to go into locations that are hit by natural disasters.

This is where we will directly address these issues with the good news of Jesus, radical generosity and hands-on service. We will also connect our audience with the international partners who are on the ground in the different locations where need is exposed.

Why Us?

Happy Sonship already has a thriving community of social media users who are engaged in the issues that matter most to the non-profit (and vice versa). With a single focus on the task at hand, we are able to manage the traffic of information, finances, human resources and ministry opportunities that come their way

And all of us at Happy Sonship are excited to announce we have recently learned from the IRS that we are now an officially approved 501c3 public charity! We are so thankful for the opportunities this will present to help even more children in Casa de Paz (children’s home) in Lima, Peru, assist families with fathers in NC prisons and support the KVI orphanage in Ethiopia… and then some.

ALL DONATIONS ARE NOW TAX DEDUCTIBLE! Please consider donating today to help us celebrate this big milestone.


Our Missions: